Small Steps....

Tonight the people of the United States elected enough Democrats to the House of Representatives to become the majority in the House. The exact number of Republican seats taken by the Democrats is currently unknown (the West Coast polls just closed), but it will be a high single digit majority in the House. Others will add detail and comment, I am sure.

Thanks to the people of the United States.


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    Where is Blue Tsunami slash Blue wave?

    House of Representative Seats by Party


    Democrats control of the house by a small margin of 26 seats difference. So much for the Tsunami or the wave the left wing media assured us all was coming. It was more like a blue fart. No a blue puddle. 2016 was repeated again Yesterday. The American people have spoken.

    The Republicans expanded majority in the Senate. Democrat Senate hopeful, Beto lost to GOP Cruz in Texas, Missouri Senate incumbent McCaskill lost to GOP Hawely, Democrat Governor Gillium Lost to GOP DeSantis. And Sinema a democrat hopeful in Georgia refused to concede defeat (liberal tears) to her GOP opponent.

    This is what happens when you repeat the same tactics of 2016. Blame everyone and picking up the race card to win you a blue wave. Hows did that worked in 2016? How did it work yesterday? Hahahaha

    Say goodbye to the Democrat dream of impeaching Trump. 2/3 of the house have to agree in it. And 2/3 of the Senate have to agree with too. impeaching Trump is NEVER going to happen! The GOP have a tighter control on the upper house of Congress. And have the executive veto power. Not a good thing in the dreams of impeachment.
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    Couple of Months ago, the left wing media all but told us the blue is definitely coming. They assured us that the democrats wave will wash away the gop control in both houses.

    Remember these?


    Blue wave is coming, get ready

    We were told that it was coming and come yesterday it never came!

    CNN realised 4 hours into the midterms that it was not a blue wave, but during the preceding months they declared it was coming.

    CNN's Jake Tapper: This is not a blue wave (hahaha)CNN's Jake Tapper says that after the defeat of Democratic congressional candidate Amy McGrath by Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), it does not look like there will be a blue wave in the midterm.
  • Small steps ain't going to do anything. I voted but going in i knew it was going to be a long shot. It should have been a takeover in both houses but with all the Trump 24/7 news it didn't happened. Too much banking on racism and sexs and gender was the undoing of our takeover of the Senate and house.

    This is what happens when you demonize 74% of the US VOTING POPULATION. This is what democrats namely the Media did. And those bastards in Hollywood, those movie and t.v stars. All the people the media and Hollywood supported all lost their election bit against their right wing opponents. All the people that Obama campaigned for also lost. He should have stayed home.

  • The key districts that Democrats hoped to flip (CA-10, CA-45, CA-39, CA-25) remained Republican. Some, such as the CA-25, are only at 50% reporting. Only the CA-48 under incumbent GOP Dana Rohrabacher fell to Democrat Harley Rouda by a close margin of 50.7% to 49.2%

    we managed to flip only 1 seat in held by Republicans in California. That says a freaking lot. 1 f$$$king seat in democrat majority state of California. Only 1 red seat flipped blue. I thought we had them all. woe to us.
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    @SaremChuuk, what happened to that blue wave? Small blue steps more like it. 26 seats lead in the Senate. Small steps indeed.

    Dems control by a 26 lead in the house of representatives. Dems are thinking in the short term, 2 years from now they will be up for election. While Republicans think long-term. 6 years the Senate will be under GOP control.

    Long-term vs Short Term. Long term always wins out.
  • Dems=Playing Checker
    GOP=Playing Chess

    That's the difference. The democrats are thinking about now while the republicans are thinking well beyond now. 2 year vs 6 years. And no blue wave. hahaha
  • Boys Boys let Sarem dry her eyes out for god sakes before you guys let her have it. Please wait till 12 PM today then go ahead. I'm here still waiting for that blue wave too.
  • which is has more power the Senate or the house of reps?
  • Their power overlay each others. The house can make taxes and budget, the senate confirms and consent judges and treaties. But with that being said its the Senate that have more effects. Lets say the lower house pass impeachment on Trump, Senate have to agree. Thats unlikely. And if the senate agree comes the veto power of the President. The 2 upper echelon of government is dominate now by Trump and the GOP not to mention the SUPREME COURT. And now the GOP will ramrod conservatives to the courts.

    The house can investigate the President but that can only go far since the upper house on in GOP control.

    Happy blue wave Wednesday. hahaha
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    as of right now, the Democrats took over the House, 230 - 205 . Republican took the Senate 48-51 votes still coming in and still counting
  • U.S. voters decide that the House of Representatives will once again be the people's house, not Trumpkin's house.
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    2016 was repeated all over again on Tuesday. 2 years vs 6 years. Now mentality vs Long run mentality. Checker players vs Chess players. America rejected the left wing ideas yet again.

    All the people obama campaigned for all lost. hahaha

    @FactsMatters where is the blue wave we were promised? lol

    @visafree, the lower house is a lame duck house as of today. The overall goal of the democrats was blue wave crashing on both houses but instead 28 dems majority in house and the Senate got more GOP control. Hahaha

    Blue wave? Blue tears. haha
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    Whats happening in the liberal universe at this exact moment.
  • Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions today. Soooo.....
  • It happening!, brace yourself PS and enjoy the movie.. the impeachment..
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    @FactsMatters and @visafree, senator Lindsay Graham now is in approval Jeff Sessions resignation. lol

    Per the left wing huff post (They are now calling Lindsay a coward for siding with Trump with accepting Sessions resignation). This move was announced months ago. Its public knowledge that after the midterms session was going to resign: Lindsay Graham:
    “I look forward to working with President Trump to find a confirmable, worthy successor so that we can start a new chapter at the Department of Justice and deal with both the opportunities and challenges our nation faces,” he said in a statement online.

    Good luck impeaching with GOP controlling the Senate and no blue wave. Democrat have a 28 seat control of the house, they will need GOP votes in the house to get a impeachment and need the Senate to agree too. But that's unlikely. Lol
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    Matthew G. Whitaker will replace Session, Trump now has a go to guy and a Trump supporter to boot at the Helm of the US Justice Department.

    Per the Left wing Washington post: In Matthew Whitaker, Trump has a loyalist at the helm of the Justice Department
    Matthew G. Whitaker, President Trump’s pick to temporarily helm the Justice Department, provides Trump with the leader he has long sought at the law enforcement agency: a political loyalist critical of the special counsel probe.

    Before Whitaker joined the Trump administration as a political appointee, the Republican lawyer and legal commentator complained that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of Russian interference in the election and of the Trump campaign was dangerously close to overreaching. He suggested ways it could be stopped or curtailed and urged his followers on Twitter to read a story that dubbed the investigators “Mueller’s lynch mob.”
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    double post.
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    double post.
  • Yup he has now joined the republican ranks in Trumps team. Why Lindsay? John McCain would be ashemed of you.
  • Yes he as @IronYouth. @FactsMatters posted a quote from 2017 but its 2018.still stuck in memory lane. lol
  • Count for House gains by Democrats is now 37 with 3 elections undecided, one leaning Democratic and two within 500 votes of each other. Possible the wave rises to 40 seats picked up by Democrats.

    Small steps....
  • Not a wave. More like blue baby's what happens when you count your eggs too early with all the blue wave rah rah leading to the midterms. And democrats are fighting amongst themselves to position themselves on who will be the house speaker. Young socialist vs old liberals vs the black caucus who want to have the speaker position. Lol
  • Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House. And what qualifies you, a liar, to determine what is a wave? You can't even count governorships.

  • 16 democratic reps have signed a commitment to oppose Nancy. Lol. Eating their own at every step. Blue wave? Lol....Trump even support Nancy. He wants her to be speaker. Divide and conquer baby. 3D chess and art of the deal at work.
  • Now they will oppose her because Trump support her. Lol
  • And 16 democrats govs is less than 33 gop govs. Lol
  • Don't forget that Michael Flynn will be sentenced for his crimes against the United States on December 18, 2018. There will no doubt be pre-sentencing filings which will expose more of the treasonous conduct of Herr Drumpf and his family. We should know a lot more shortly after Thanksgiving!
  • Still not indicted Trump campaign. Lol.

    Mueller investigation at a end. Trump submitted answers to Mueller team a few hours ago. Lol

    Hey hey hey good bye. Maga.
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