Benefits from foreign investors

Clearly, there are benefits as well as bad side to foreign investments. I don't think outsiders with a lot of money should be allowed to come in; to compete with existing businesses such as grocery stores.

But foreign investors can bring know-how, technology, production processes, marketing opportunities with their investments; something that we can learn from. This is how Chinese has gotten under the nerves of President Trump and big US business that had spent billions of dollars on research for their products, production, and other trade secrets.

Chinese--they know the value of technology, etc.,--so they invite big businesses to set up shops in China. One of the conditions is for such business to hire local people to learn about the inner workings of the foreign businesses; to share or divulge the technical information on their products which had costed billions of R&D investment.

If there are outside investors that can bring technology and know how to the islands, that would be a plus. We don't want competition for things that we can do. But where we don't have it, we should welcome foreign investors to show us how things are done; and how to develop market opportunities. Just some thoughts on this day.


  • interesting!.. so what are the pros and the cons?
  • The governments of the FSM, in my opinion, should work to protect its citizens from foreign businesses but at the same time accept foreign capital to attract business ventures which will bring the highest benefits to the citizens. It is highly desirable to encourage foreign investments in industries which being in money, like !manufacturing, farming, fishing, tourism, education etc. As a condition to obtaining a foreign investment permit, foreign investors will be required to hire and train citizens in technical, managerial, and marketing positions. Yearly follow ups shall be conducted by the governments to ensure compliance and violaters must be warned that further violations will result in the revocation of permits and monetary fines and being blacklisted.
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