Reaper manages to rip open Micsem Again and Again with foriegn topics!

Please stay local, as someone somewhat famous had alluded to in a speech last month where the rest of the world looked for cooperation, sharing, caring and partnering, he wants more, "stay nationalism"....anyway Reaper this is just way too much. I wonder if its possible to limit someone's post to just 2 or 3 per week...I am sick of it, it is now a annoying game and more like tantrum and woozies game in here thanks to you REAPER, you are ripping the guts out of this forum.


  • Its a forum dude, where anything and everything is up for discussion. That's what we do in Democratic countries.
  • Don't you love that liberal tolerance. Here is another attempt by another Marxist @errr to silence others from using their democratic &god given and constitutional rights to free speech. Or did i read the FSM constitution wrong?
  • What is it with liberals leaning folks these days. They were the champion of free speech but when its free speech they don't agree with they want to shut it down. The party of progress my @$$.

    Declaration of Rights

    Section 1. No law may deny or impair freedom of expression, peaceable assembly, association, or petition.

    @errr, our constitution recognized freedom of expression. You may disagree with Reaper, but according to that constitution he can say and express himself however he damn well please.
  • Sorry to say, errr, you are wasting your time trying to restore this forum to its original purpose.

    The handful of Trumpsters who have swallowed the orange kool-aid are not interested in Micronesia, not to mention facts, reason, and respectful discussion. image

    Sadly, it seems that the forum Admin, if there still is one, does not care that most longtime forum members have either closed their accounts or suspended their participation in this hijacked, Trumpaganda forum.

    My advice is that you do the same.
  • When you start calling names and bring Trump in a discussion where he is not even mentioned in OP you already lost the argument. @FactsMatters

    Maybe if i post more anti Trump and discussions that are more aligned with your views you two would nominate me for the best poster in this forum.

    And if i remember correctly you @FactsMatters posted close to 50 anti Trump discussions and i didn't complaint.

    Freedom of speech is our god given right and no government or anyone have the right to silence me or anyone who use it in this forum. But as they say in liberal circles, Your rights end where my feelings begin. Here is my answer to that.

  • Sad and kinda dangerous what we are seeing from the the members of the party that claim they are for progress. What we are seeing here is what is happening in the real world. The party of progress is shifting more and more to socialism. Nazis, Communist were left wing totalitarian movement that silenced and took away people's right to free speech.
  • As a liberal i have to agree with the conservatives here. Freedom of speech is the most important right we have. We may disagree with them conservatives on many issues but as a centerist liberal i agree with them. This is why i admire conservatives, they don't apologize for nothing. Something we democrats should learn to do.
  • Liberal or Conservative, I think there are those who have overlooked the fact that forums, generally speaking, are topic specific. Log into a conservative forum and post liberal topics.... you'll get booed, ridiculed, probably even banned. The same is true for a conservative posting to a liberal forum and rightfully so. This is the only forum I know of where, because a couple of people insist it, there are absolutely no boundaries. It is CLEARLY named "Micronesiaforum". I think that implies Micronesia-based topics and yet it has been hi-jacked but everything but.

    Civil discourse is the exchange of views, each arguing their side with compromise being the result or, hopefully, an adult decision to "agree to disagree". Not here. If you disagree with a select few, all kinds of names are hurled at you, and, quite frankly, you are made to think they view you as "less than". This insistence that it's the suppression of free speech is simply ridiculous. Yes, there is free speech, but go into a church and call them names for their faith, the response you get is not only LEGAL but, unless you're completely clueless to basic human nature, EXPECTED. I've read somewhere that "free speech" is a thing so I'm going to go anywhere and say whatever the hell I want. Ok? Just don't be so dumb as to be surprised, even dumber- offended, when you get pushback for exercising your free speech regarding Darwinism at an evangelical conference.
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    On Principle xectms, do you believe freedom of speech should not or should be controlled? As a former soldier, do you think its ok to shut down free speech because it is used to deliver message that is not aligned with your political views?
  • get your head out of your asshole Ironyouth, its not about free speech I get it, its the same menu all over againa dn again, can we at least diversify topics, its almost like a hate thing, pounding it down our throat again and again endlessly.. I will delete my account in here because of the game reaper is playing, where are the good old FSM only topics? one cannot eat potatoe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • I dare you to delete your account. Do it!!!!! Peace and Love and Ganja and Freedom of speech.
  • Reaper,

    I am fully, wholly, entirely for free speech but there is such a thing as understanding your audience. There is such a thing as tempering free speech with a touch of respect for those who are in the "room". Suffice to say, I'm allowed by the law to say at a person's funeral that he/she was a horrible human being. I could say it, Yes, but come on now- every speech has it's appropriate venue. When one speaks a "truth" they know will arouse tempers in others or inflame the emotions of others. continually does so, and does so in such high repetition regardless of those who are asking them to cease, it is no longer "free speech" but rather verbal abuse. It's an important distinction that has to be made. If some kid said something to my child that my child found irritating, I'd tell my kid to understand that we all have different beliefs and to allow that person to have theirs. Now if that person, knowing my child found it irritating, repeated those beliefs over and over and over and over again despite my child asking them to keep their opinions to themselves, despite "free speech", I would tell my kid to sock him/her in the gut or it will never stop. There is a tipping point to "free speech".

    I'm not saying conservative speech isn't welcome in here and I doubt that's what the OP is saying either. All they're saying, "errr", correct me if I'm wrong, is that the name of the forum is "Micronesia Forum". Yes, you have a right to speak your truth but it's getting to the point where this forum is getting to be not-so-Micronesian simply from the VOLUME of the non-Micronesian posts. In the end, it's not that it's a liberal or conservative post but rather it's the overwhelming volume that is the offense.
  • @Reaper

    That meme "My RIghts don't end where your emotions begin..." is a pretty disappointing choice of memes don't you think? It speaks to the level of respect you have for other opinions in relation to yours. I'll just say this' It's a nice meme to post until you're the one someone is bombarding with rhetoric you don't want to hear while touting "it's their RIGHT of free speech".
  • According to Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, who is a famous in the world for free speech advocating, feelings will get hurt but its of no consequence when exercising free speech. The alternative is a world where government and individuals and hurt feelings control our god given rights.

    Here is a video of him explaining that.

    And I don't give one iota of a damn if your feelings get hurt. What I do give damn about is limiting the rights of others.

    There is no dipping point of free speech. Feelings may get hurt but its of consequence to me.

    Free speech of any form is protected by the US constitution, FSMs constitution and any Democratic country on earth. Even hate speech is protected under the 1st ammendment. According to the US Supreme court.

    You don't like it well there is always Communist China to move to.
  • X, So the constitution is wrong? Uphold and defending it means defending ideas and speech you don't agree with to the end no matter what.

    And no, this is a forum. Where ideas and subjects are discussed. If you don't like the discussion no one is forcing you to partake. Its that simple.
  • @PawnStar

    The constitution IS right but free speech is not an absolute. Nothing is a "no matter what". We are free to speak what we please but we are also responsible for the effects of our words. Try yelling "FIRE!!!" in a public place when there isn't one and then defend yourself to the police with "Free Speech".

    The is not just a "forum". This is a "MICRONESIAN" forum. You can't just omit defining characteristics when they're convenient to what you're doing or saying at the moment.
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    No one is contesting you're right to speak. That is not the argument in this thread- it never was. You have the right to say what you want, when you want, where you want. When, where, and to whom you decide to exercise that free speech is your choice, too. Just don't be the guy touting free speech when people aren't discussing it. The folks in here are calling you guys assholes, let's not beat around the bush about this, not trying to strip you of a basic freedom. No one in here is recommending you be silenced, they're just asking that you exercise your US Politics based free speech in a forum that is built for that purpose. The gripe here is with you choice to bombard this place with your free speech when the forum name clearly states this forum is FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Why you guys keep arguing free speech is beyond me. Speak your mind, just do it where it is appropriate.

    The psychologist you quoted may be right about free speech in the very root meaning of the concept. There can be no excuse to suppress free speech. I think you're missing the point though. It's not to advocate selfish, inconsiderate applications of the right, it's a warning against any to use to suppress it. There is a big difference in suppressing free speech and exercising "house rules". "When you're in my house, you can exercise your "free speech" but don't fucking complain if I clean your clock for saying the wrong shit in front of my wife and kids". Yes there is freedom of speech but there is also "think before you speak or suffer for your words". I admit that is an extreme but... having the right to say it doesn't mean you're not a total dick for having chosen to say it.
  • @Reaper

    The analogy was extreme.... You get the gist though.
  • @Reaper

    The analogy was extreme.... You get the gist though.
  • So i am yelling fire when there is none according to you. I've seen this argument being used by leftists to justify censorship. Its a classic case of strawman tactic. Look that up. My point is free speech is absolute, which i agree it is. You therefore counter by saying "yelling fire" inside a packed house is not free speech. Trying to win a debate by presenting a point that is not related to the debate at hand. Thats strawman. Instead of arguing the person you are engaging and their OP, you attack a nonexistent point which you made up in order to win. Lol

    Cleaning someones clock out is considered assault and battery. Its a 15-20 years in prison depending on the state it took place in.

    Lets see what the US Supreme court has to say.

    1.Supreme Court Unanimously Reaffirms: Hate Speech Is Still Free Speech

    2.Hate speech is protected free speech, even on college campuses

    It seems like free speech is absolute since the Supreme Court passed judgement on it. And like i said I don't give a damn if your feelings get hurt. I frankly don't care. Call me a asshole bigot racist but feelings dont TRUMPs free speech. For example you don't care about my feelings because you are using free speech in order to get your point across.

  • Strawman? LOL...

    Dude, read the title of this thread. It's not "FREE SPEECH" it's about "FOREIGN" topics in a MICRONESIAN FORUM, exactly as I alluded to in my post.

    Who's using the strawman tactic here again?

    "I've seen this argument used... to justify censorship." That's a load of crap and you know it. It's a valid scenario that happens to be punishable by law... and "censorship"? Get out of here with that bull, man. Asking you to hock your goods somewhere else is not banning free markets, it's exercising one's right to not have to see [hear] that crap. This scenario is only different in that the store owner hasn't put out the "No solicitation" sign but the customers are just beyond fed up with it.

    "Cleaning someone's clock... 15-20... depending on state...." "ADEQUATE PROVOCATION" Look it up, buddy. It's a scenario that fit's exactly the attempted illustration that "free speech" has it's limitations.

    Now... AGAIN....

    Bring us right back to the 1st Amendment... like a classic vinyl record player whose needle has managed to get lodged in the same 5 second loop a song no one (in here, at least) wants to hear anymore. Which brings me back to my point... PLAY YOUR SONG SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Please, Thank You, and any other pleasantries that might make this more bearable to the sensitive folks out there.

  • @Reaper

    The sad part here... ?

    This could all be solved with a Category like "US/Global Politics" so it wouldn't bombard the main area... I'm not an admin or mod here so... can't help there.
  • @PawnStar

    I just wanted to clarify....

    I don't disagree with the concept of free speech and I think the problem here isn't one of free speech as much as it is of the forum, by nature of it's composition, forcing folks who don't care to hear certain topics into the same "room". In the real world, one would simply step out and go to the next room. In here, you wind up having to leave the forum altogether as opposed to shifting your focus away from this "room" to that one.

    For what it's worth, I do agree with the assertion that free speech is something that should never be suppressed. At the same time, I understand the car salesman, at a salesman's conference, who get annoyed with the guy hocking weightlifting supplements. We all hope he sells a gang load of them. It's just that he could have picked a better place to do it.
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    There you go debating strawman again. lol

    Like i said i don't care because my rights don't end where your feelings begin.

    1.This is a forum. Anything and everything is up for discussion. There's no rule saying in this forum saying what is up for discissi2 and what is not.

    2.Free speech is recognized by the constitution of FSM, the M stand for Micronesia.

    3.Micronesia as a whole is government by principles and ideas of democracy. A foriegn idea.

    You have no principles @xectms. No principle no morals. Your opinion carries no weight here. Support and defend the constitution don't anything to you. You are an embarrassment to the Army. I hope all US soldiers who took the oath like you aren't like you.
  • Now wait a damn minute here Reaper, let me tell you something. X and his type are the minority in the Army. Just because 1 former pog lack principle and went against his oath does not give you the right to paint a wide stroke on the Army and its men and women. He is a embarrassment to himself not the Army as a whole and a institution. I resent that comment.
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    1. You are correct. I did state the lack of a "No soliciting" sign. The analogy is that is no clear delineation as to what is allowed or not in here. It doesn't change the fact that you have started an outcry at the sheer volume of your posts which some, not all, are fed up with.

    2. Yes, Free Speech is enforced in the Micronesia. I don't remember saying it wasn't.

    3. Micronesia adopting "foreign" ideas such as democracy and free speech does not imply you have the right to impose your free speech on even those who don't want to hear it. Granted, all they have to do is stop logging on to this forum. I'll concede that much.

    I, in fact, do have morals and principles. I simply don't believe having them implies I have the right to flood a "MIcronesian" forum with my "western" morals and principles. There's a difference between having your morals and insisting everyone has to listen to your morals whether they object to it or not. It would appear your morals and principles involve shoving your opinion down everyone's throat regardless of their willingness to hear it or not. Hmm... now that I think about it, YOUR morals and principles are kind of questionable.


    Choosing to respect the wishes of those who don't want to hear the "morals" and "principles" I might be hocking today does not imply I don't have morals or principles. It only implies I have respect for the fact that others might not care to hear my morals and principles. It always seems to come back to this, doesn't it? If I don't want to hear what your saying; if I happen to believe something different, it means I don't have morals, principles, and am, obviously, something of a lesser human. I don't think anything exists that is clearly that black and white.
  • Hate it or love it is all protected under our constitution here in Micronesia or FSM. Keep posting reaper, this forum for some of us with stone age internet connection is our window to the world and whats going on in it. What happens in the US also has effect in Micronesia. Over 35,000 of our brethrens live there and we want to know whats going on.
  • No. I don't shove em i post them. Its up to you if you want to read them or partake in them. I'm not forcing anyone. You make it looks like I'm the one who control what topic to click and see. Am i?

    My morals and principels are on point. I disagree with some of the views in here but i have never once tried to limit what is said and what is posted. That's what democracy means.

    And I'm just highlighting the left wing state of mind at this moment. They want to shut down the rights of those who disagree with them. They claim they are against totalitarianism and fascism but they are acting like that which they claim they are against.

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