FBI report on Kavanaugh: 'No corroboration of the allegations'


The FBI Senate Judiciary Committee released the FBI report on its investigations on the Allegation made against Judge Kavanaugh by Dr.Ford.

The FBI interviewed 10 people (an 11th did not agree to be interviewed). In its conclusion, the report says: "The Supplemental Background Investigation confirms what the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded after its investigation: there is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez."

This is what we knew all along. It was a scam. A scam pulled by Democrats to delay and eventually derailed Kavanaughs confirmation.


  • Now democrats calling FBI biased and can't be trusted while republicans saying FBI is thorough and unbiased.

    Hahaha this is ironic. Something happened with Comey. Democrats said he was unfit to lead FBI but when Trump fired him they defended Comey.
  • FBI investigation of Kavanaugh sexual assault on Dr Ford was controlled by the Trump administration where as, the two people involved in the investigation ( Kavanaugh and Dr Ford) were not call to questioning by FBI under the directive order of the Trump Administration. There were many individuals citizens will to testified but were not called by the FBI.. remember now,, the FBI is under the Executive branch which is the POTUS and his Admin.
  • The FBI was looking for somebody to corroborate Dr. Ford's accusation--which had been made in writing and during the testimony and question/answers discussions. If there was just one corroborator, that would have been the end of the nominee. FBI found none. FBI did not need to hear from Ford or Cavenaugh--she had already laid our her accusation; and Cavehaugh had laid our his denial. Corroboration is all that the FBI was looking for.
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    that's exactly the key words, corroborator",,whatever this word means or reffered to, but while couple dizen people were eager to destified , the FBI over looked these people? why? , isnt that something else? oh and btw, have you any records of any report by FBI or media, who the FBI was interviewing?. bottomline is , the fbi was controlled/ remember Trump wanted to limit the investigation,, and he did.end of story!
  • Collaborators who were selected for interview were the ones that Dr. Ford had named--these were the ones whose names came up early on--so they were deemed as credible corroborator for Dr. Ford. It's reported that Ramirez also had identified certain people to corroborate her story; those too were interviewed.
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    @visafree, the FBI was given its directive and it ran with it. The FBI first issued a statement a week before it was ordered to investigate. According to the FBI, the allegations did not merit a investigations since it was not its jurisdiction but that of the local police on the area where the alleged incident took place. Here is where separation of power comes to play. Federal government does not interfere in state or local matters regarding this kind of allegations.

    Also note that all the witnesses Ford listed or named were interviewed by the FBI and all said the opposite thing of what Ford said. And like Marc, said its about corroborating or find any shred of evidence or testimony or interviews that agreed with Ford. And all the testimony or interview from the those interviews said the exact opposite of what Ford said. In simple term those interviewed were the people Ford said were there and knew what happened. And as it turned out they said it didn't happened.

    No one testified in the Senate execpt Ford. And this issue of the investigations was solely because of her claim. Not anyone else. The democrats hoped the media would helped them and make for fake stories so the FBI could investigate them and the media churned out dozens of fake stories. And many stories came out from the media from Kavanaugh drinking to Kavanaugh fighting. The entire purpose was to delay this nomination.

    And in this article it specifically names over a dozen witnesses whom the FBI interviewed and concluded this was a farce after all.

    1.Names of people FBI interviewed.https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/153247600

    2.List of people interviewed by FBI. high school classmates Mark Judge, P.J. Smyth, Timothy Gaudette, and Christopher Garrett. Agents also interviewed Ford's friend, Leland Keyser. https://www.vox.com/2018/10/3/17932338/brett-kavanaugh-christine-ford-fbi-investigation
  • Like i said now that FBI has proven democrats wrong they are now calling the FBI not credible. Insanity! This ain't Burger king where You can always have it your way.
  • @visafree don't understand jack sh*t on how the US government works. The FBI follow directives but its investigations is its own. The FBI first oath is not to the President but to protect the constitution. This is why dumna**es like visa should STFU.
  • @ Reaper, how can FBI issued statement a week before when the investigation was limited to one week in fact the investigation took only three days instead of a week that was given by the judiciary committee?.. you see how bogus you come to be?> @ the Pot-head Rasta, FYI, for a fair investigation the WH should not interfere with the investigation in the first place but I guess you dont know how thing are working.. what kind citizen are you?
  • @visafree, the FBI ran 6 investigations and background check on Kavanaugh during the last 15 years of his career. In order to be a federal judge which Kavanaugh is he had to go through numerous background check by the FBI. The FBI found nothing then and found nothing with this latest investigation.

    According to legal experts Fords claim would not held up a court of law. No prosecutor would try to even take on the case. Why? Because it holds no substance and the key witnesses Ford brought forth all denied her claims. And she does not remember the day, or where it happened and and when it happened.

    And she/Dr.Ford said 1 day ago that she won't pursue legal avenues against Kavanugh. Why? Because she has no case and she knows it. If she did she would have filed a police report but she didn't 35 years ago and she didn't filed a report after her testimony.
  • @visafree, 3 days? oh let's see what the facrs2 says.

    The FBI has a one-week window to complete an investigation into sexual assault and misconduct ...

    Your own liberal leaning news papers says one week.
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