Why do you talk of things happening outside our places? I don't find it that important than knowing what's happening in our own places. Even more you debate about them. I find it funny.


  • FUCK Rastaman aka Reaper, he is the reason why we do not have those topics anymore...
  • So who is stopping you from posting discussions about our nation? Oh @errr, language.
  • whats the problem about it, atollboyimage
  • You and Reaper are the biggest assholes in here. No respects for point of this forum, Micronesian issues. I'd say you're an asshole, or maybe I don't have that right!
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    If using free speech makes me a a--hole then its a badge i wear with honor. errr, under the constitution you are entitled to your opinion of me.
  • I think discussing outside political and other issues is good; we can learn from the political laboratory--that is the US--what can happen in the islands in the future. Example: the harsh rhetoric and encouragement by politicians to incite "mob" actions as ways to express their political differences is something that we don't want to happen in Micronesia in the future. We need to keep reminding ourselves of our traditional ways of talking and respecting others who you disagree with.

    But watching the violence plus some leaders saying that we should "kick" those we don't agree with--is a new low. I am hoping that our Micronesian young relatives--currently living in the states and witnessing some of these things--will not adopt the bad behaviors; and bring them to the islands in the future to cause disruptions--disruptions that are not known in the islands. Our leaders should take actions to ensure that we continue to live in peace and harmony; and communicate with each other with respect; and also show respect to the FSM as well as the state constitutions and the rule of law. Just some thoughts.
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