Why do you talk of things happening outside our places? I don't find it that important than knowing what's happening in our own places. Even more you debate about them. I find it funny.


  • FUCK Rastaman aka Reaper, he is the reason why we do not have those topics anymore...
  • So who is stopping you from posting discussions about our nation? Oh @errr, language.
  • whats the problem about it, atollboyimage
  • You and Reaper are the biggest assholes in here. No respects for point of this forum, Micronesian issues. I'd say you're an asshole, or maybe I don't have that right!
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    If using free speech makes me a a--hole then its a badge i wear with honor. errr, under the constitution you are entitled to your opinion of me.
  • I think discussing outside political and other issues is good; we can learn from the political laboratory--that is the US--what can happen in the islands in the future. Example: the harsh rhetoric and encouragement by politicians to incite "mob" actions as ways to express their political differences is something that we don't want to happen in Micronesia in the future. We need to keep reminding ourselves of our traditional ways of talking and respecting others who you disagree with.

    But watching the violence plus some leaders saying that we should "kick" those we don't agree with--is a new low. I am hoping that our Micronesian young relatives--currently living in the states and witnessing some of these things--will not adopt the bad behaviors; and bring them to the islands in the future to cause disruptions--disruptions that are not known in the islands. Our leaders should take actions to ensure that we continue to live in peace and harmony; and communicate with each other with respect; and also show respect to the FSM as well as the state constitutions and the rule of law. Just some thoughts.
  • The mob mentality has taken over the Democrat party. If you don't agree with them your right to free speech must be silenced. Sadly it is also the same party that claim they are for progress that is at this moment advocating its members to commit violence to those they disagree with.

    1. Per the Hill: Democrats must end mob rule
    Today, it is now a mainstream position within the Democratic Party to assert that some people are guilty until they prove their innocence, and that the enraged mob is best suited to mete out justice, no matter if there is any evidence or not. If the mob comes for you, will you be one of the lucky ones who are presumed innocent by its standards?

    2.Per the Washington Post: (Former Obama AG)Eric Holder: ‘When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.'
    For the second time this week, a leading Democratic voice is proposing that the party pursue a meaner, more combative approach — with this one going so far as to allude to metaphorical violence.

    During a campaign swing in McDonough, Ga., on Sunday, former attorney general Eric Holder notes former first lady Michelle Obama’s high-minded 2016 slogan, “When they go low, we go high.” Then he makes clear he disagrees.

    “No, no,” Holder says. “When they go low, we kick 'em. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about."

    3. Per CNN: (Democrat Senator)Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials
    Washington (CNN) Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the "zero tolerance" policy that led to the separation of families at the border.

    4. Per the Canadian Fres Press: (Democrat National Congress Chairman) Ellison Embraces Antifa
    The Democratic National Committee’s deputy chairman essentially endorsed the violent anarchists and communists of the subversive Antifa movement during a stop at a bookstore this week.

    It is not every day that a top official of one of America’s two major political parties throws his lot in with an umbrella group that openly sides with our enemies in North Korea and seeks the violent overthrow of the United States government. It is a sign of just how radical Democrats became in the Obama era. Nowadays those who urge the extinguishing of American democracy and the murder of police officers are considered legitimate activists.

    The so called party of tolerance and progress are now the ones inciting violence against those they disagree with. Their leaders are stoking the fire of violence. Democrats are resorting to their old tactic of violence and intimidation just like they did during the time they created the KKK.
  • @Reaper


    Can you not read or do you simply have zero respect for anyone else in here? The thread title clearly states a desire to discuss Micronesia-centric issues and you bombard it with stuff from on the hill? Are you like this with everyone? Does ANYONE get ANY respect from you or are we all subject your tirades regardless of what the website name, forum title, and EVEN THREAD TITLE are? Were you beaten up a lot in grade school or something? Maybe no one ever listens to you in real life? What's driving all this "you're going to hear this whether you want to or not" junk, dude? Need a hug?
  • @Reaper


    Can you not read or do you simply have zero respect for anyone else in here? The thread title clearly states a desire to discuss Micronesia-centric issues and you bombard it with stuff from on the hill? Are you like this with everyone? Does ANYONE get ANY respect from you or are we all subject your tirades regardless of what the website name, forum title, and EVEN THREAD TITLE are? Were you beaten up a lot in grade school or something? Maybe no one ever listens to you in real life? What's driving all this "you're going to hear this whether you want to or not" junk, dude? Need a hug?
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    I have no problem with it. Its informative. The internet connection here in Chuuk is not that good so this kind of discussion is appreciated since its keeps us up to speed in world news and current events.
  • @xectms, Now you're a psychologist? Lol

    Again i shall point to the FSM constitution in my defense which state that no one can make or enact laws that inhibit my constitutional rights to free speech. Or did i read it wrong?
  • Free speech is not the same as propaganda....or in this case, Trumpaganda.

    Propaganda definition:
    information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people's opinions.
  • Sorry there my liberal friend @FactsMatters but majority of the sources i cite in my discussion are from CNN, ABC, CNBC, Washington post, PBS, New York Times, and Politico. All left leaning media outlets and are ANTI-Trump and Anti-Republican/Conservative.

    If i wanted propaganda i would have used conservative leaning media outlers as my main sources but as the record showed I'm using left leaning media outlets to back my opinions in my discussions. If i wanted propaganda i would have used conservative leaning medoa outlets.

    And even if i was propagating Trumpaganda its also protected under the first ammendment. Lol
  • Now its propaganda. First it was racist then it was bigot now its propaganda. Whats going to be next? Terroristic threatening. Muhammad in hell. Whats wrong with the left.
  • @Rastaman,

    Read the thread topic and look at what is being posted in here. Show some common decency and respect for your fellow forumers. If they want to talk about Micronesian topics bad enough to start a thread about it, how about, for once, be an adult and show that poster the respect and decency of not hi-jacking his/her thread.

    This isn't about free speech, folks. This is about showing a little decency and respect for the other folks in here. You start a thread on your topic? Fine, but doing that AND hi-jacking everyone else's threads then touting the 1st amendment if folks complain? Come on. Now you're just being childish.


    Your meme is misplaced. No one is asking you to be "silent". They're just asking you, in this thread at least, to keep your posts to Micronesian topics. Yeah, turn this into a 1st amendment argument again. Just because you have the right to post something doesn't mean folks don't have a right to say "We're sick of your posts". They have free speech as well. You say you don't complain about posts? You do. What else would you call all your meme? A randomly occurring thought that just coincidentally followed people showing frustration over your lack of a sense community? Try again.
  • Rasta, everything that disagree with them is racist.

    xectms, they have the right to say they are sick but they don't have the right to shut it down or limit it.
  • @Reaper

    There's only one thing stopping them from limiting or "shutting it down". Forum rules. They're non-existent in here but, anywhere else, you would have been banned already.

    I bet you're really proud of yourself, aren't you? Look at you. Good for you. You said a whole bunch of stuff you believe to people who think you should go jump off a cliff. What a smart move you've made today. Hooray for the 1st amendment, right? Please....
  • @xectms, this is you and every liberal out there at this exact moment.

    Again i tell you.
  • @Reaper

    You're so cool. You're tough. You don't give two fucks about the folks around you. I wanna grow up and be like you. Right?

    ... thinks I'm "sensitive". If you only knew the half of it... I've been picking at you, calling you names, and poking holes in your half-witted logic because I'M BORED not sensitive. I haven't been frowning or fretting at your posts. I've been smiling while calling you what you are- a dimwit. Smile for the cameras, buddy.
    There you go...I knew you could do it. "...first amendment, first amendment, first amendment... " LOL. You're priceless. You know that, right?
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    lol, I'm a dimwit for standing for my rights. lol

    "Name calling is the last resort of a losing party"

    So sensitive there my brother.
  • Xectms, does calling him names help? If so how? He's point is now one has the right to shut down or limit his free speech. Your point is he is a dimwit. I fail to see how that helps you.
  • Anunaki, it helps him in reigning in his emotions. As you can tell he is sensitive. Very sensitive.

    Here i am saying my rights don't end where his and anyone's feeling begin while he talks about being respectful of others feeling. Freedom of speech come first before your feelings buttercup.

    And im the dimwit for fighting for my rights. lol
    Only a dimwit would let anyone dictate or control their rights.
  • @Anunaki,

    It does help me -> It is an example of what he is touting- freedom of speech with the complete disregard for civility or those on the receiving end. I thought that was obvious. When you use freedom of speech as a shield to your behavior, you should the last person to complain when someone else exhibits that same behavior.... or does that not apply to Reaper and gang?


    You're not a dimwit for defending your freedom of speech. You're a dimwit for confusing the request that you respect the topics of the forums and threads with your 1st amendment rights. You're a dimwit for thinking people would buy in to your 1st amendment defense for callous disregard for others. The list goes on and on. As you so zealously defend, I'm exercising your flavor of the 1st amendment which is to say whatever I want about you with absolutely zero concern for whether it is the decent and proper thing to say. Using your concept of freedom of speech, you complaining about me calling you a dimwit makes you against the 1st amendment- you dimwit. Smile for the cameras.... there... I knew you could do it.

  • @Reaper

    YOUR'RE the one posting "My rights don't end where your emotions begin.." You are a DIMWIT. Don't let your emotions get in the way of my right to free speech... right?
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    lol. Sorry there my emotionally charged friend but it does. My rights don't end where your maxi pads begin.
  • Ok. It's obvious I'm wasting my time here. The whole point of the past few posts wasn't that you're a dimwit. Quite honestly, I don't know. You might be a very bright person. The point was calling you a dimwit had absolutely nothing to do with the original exchange, like your posts in threads that having nothing to do with US Politics. According to your assertion though, that is "freedom of speech" which, again, is beside the point. The point was "staying on topic" and showing a little respect for others who post here. You didn't get it. Which is fine. I guess not everyone is going to get it.

    I'm bored of this topic and your responses are all "canned" stuff, lacking original thought or perspective. I can the same exchange with just about any other person who simply posts other people's quote, other people's memes, and political dogma I'm fairly sure you clearly don't fully understand.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with witty comebacks, I give your "maxi pad" comeback about a 2.5. Try and give your posts a little more effort, guy. You can do better.
  • @xectms, let me know when your emotions are under control.

    Freedom of speech is essential. Its the most important right we have.
  • No, thank you. I'm bored with this.

    Freedom of speech is not essential. Food, Water, shelter, those things are essential. Blah, blah, blah... yakety, shmakety... ok.... I think I'm going to go run some wood through my planer... anything would be more productive than this... trying to grow a third arm is more productive than this...

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    @xectms, No food and water are in abundance. Freedom of speech is essential since liberals like you are out to control it.

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