I am currently enrolled at the College of Micronesia. I am 100% Micronesian , and i am passionate to further my education abroad. I am heartened to become a Psychologist for our country. I believe this is one of the area of expertise that we should consider not only as we are students but supporters and advocates. We Micronesians are suffering from the illusion that mental disorder is a form of demon possession or an excuse for laziness and shame! - which is absolutely inaccurate. Most Micronesians do not grasp the nature or atleast the importance of mental health and therefor no one really take the stand to do anything positive but leaves the victims untreated , lonely and reclusive, and in some case beat and shame them to death! I know that my mother beat the hell out of my mentally illed aunty younger than she was. I was a kid back then , who resided on a stranded island of the Federated States of Micronesia south of Pohnpei, specifically Nukuoro. I rememeber watching with several other kids my age and older how my mother will beat her like an animal. As a little kid, I laughed and so did everyone who watched with me. Some gathered there chairs on the side of the beach near my home and mocked and laugh as this poor aunty of mine got beatened and shamed. I am not proud this as i look back because my horizon or understanding of such matter like mental illness only broadens and I realize that my mother and like any other Micronesians were wrong about mental disease!! With every breathe i take, I will fight against those who destroy the mentally ill and i will fight with whatever it takes to make sure that Micronesian understand what is MENTAL ILLNESS. I speak for people like my mom because as much as i love my mom ,I will fight because i know she was blind like any other Micronesians.
I need people who can support me financially as i pursue higher education for the betterment of our Micronesian society.

Yuchi Leopold


  • I hear you and I know of students that had finished their undergrad in psychology. But, they didn't continue to the graduate level. Yes, psychology is important to all of us. Because each individual have some mental problems that are so mild that no one would be able to recognize or know about. However, most of us can control our psychological problems but as you have shared others cannot. These are the individuals that needs help. For a Pohnpeian, I grew up around some family members that suffered from Mental Illness. And like you said, because no one could truly explain the causes, most everyone concluded that they were possessed with a bad spirit of some sort. I have also witnessed that some got over their mental illness because they responded to local treatments. Meaing local Medicine. Look around you today just on Pohnpei, we can see that there are more people walking about truly suffering from mentally illness. Yet, now one is taking care of them. Even the families are ignoring them. I support your dream to become a psychiatrist. Go for it and I am sure that someday you will make a difference for our Micronesian folks that ended up suffering from such illnesses.
  • Come to guam i can refer you to Guam National Guard recruiter. After Basic training you will be stationed in Guam. Its Close to FSM. The Guard through the G.I bill will get you to achieve that degree you are pursuing and the Guard will also pay you to go to school.

    I recommend the Guard as your last option. Your 1st option is earn a scholarship, 2nd is start a fund me page. Give these 2 options a try. If they don't bare fruit 1-2 years from now let me know.
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