MAGA-Stock market's value under Trump has grown by $6.9 trillion to $30.6 trillion


*The stock market has added $6.9 trillion in market cap since Donald Trump was elected president.

*That is already nearly half of what the market grew by in all eight years of the Obama administration.

*Trump's performance, as measured by the S&P 500, is up 23 percent in the year since his inauguration, much better than the 13 percent average of first-year performances since 1928.

The U.S. stock market has added nearly $6.9 trillion in market cap since President Donald Trump was elected, already close to half of what was added in all eight years of President Barack Obama's tenure.

The market cap, based on the Russell 3000, surpassed $30 trillion for the first time last week and was at $30.6 trillion Thursday, according to Bespoke.

"I think the performance in the first year has exceeded almost everybody's expectations," said Paul Hickey, co-founder of Bespoke. Hickey uses the Russell 3000 to measure overall market cap, since it represents about 98 percent of all U.S. stocks.

When Trump was elected, stocks rose out of the gate after an initial late-night collapse in futures prices. After that, the market rewarded stocks and sectors that would benefit from the "Trump trade" and Trump's pro-growth policies.

The Trump trade occasionally stalled out when it looked as though tax reform was unlikely, but since the legislation began seriously moving forward and finally became law at the end of last year, the market has been on a tear. The S&P 500 has added 4.6 percent just since the start of this year, after last year's near 20 percent move



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    But wasn't the economy suppose to go down under Trump? at least thats what Obama and democrats said would happened if Trump won. hahaha

    Good luck convincing Americans to vote against Republicans this midterm and in Trumps 2020 reelection with the economy this way.
  • That's what i said @Pawnstar.

    2020 Here we come
  • It the past fiscal year growth in US Government Debt exceeded total value of GDP growth.

    Interest on debt and the defense budget alone calculates to more than $3500 dollars per year for every man, woman, and child in the US. JUST those two items.

    Debt, more specifically interest on that debt, is the only real existential threat my nation faces. Bigger than illegal immigrants, Iran, Russia, or any of the other misdirects we are kept focused on.

    Does anyone see the conflict in allowing the largest holder of US public debt set interest rates?

    The United States Treasury needs to separate itself from The Federal Reserve and take back control of our money supply. The gold the Federal Reserve has accumulated by this long ongoing financial fraud needs to be seized and used to back our currency. The Federal Reserve needs to go away and the best way to begin that process is to make sure the gold stays in the faults, write off the US Treasuries purchased with the money “created” by the Federal Reserve during QE, and take control of the mortgage backed securities purchased by it in that same program, NOW, before it is all "rolled off."

    There will only be one entity standing at the end of the coming financial shatstorm; The United States Treasury or The Federal Reserve and its handlers at the B.I.S.

    Please reference: The United States Constitution - Article 1 - Section 8 as to what entity is to control money supply. .

    Also; the European Central Bank Quantitative Easing Program looks very similar to the Federal Reserve version; using created money to purchase real financial assets, draw the interest on those financial assets, and eventually cash out; diluting the currency by an equal value.

    Every major central bank gets their marching orders from the same board of directors, of the same bank, that they all sit on. These guys are trans-nationalists pulling off the largest financial fraud in human history.

    It amazes me how a handful of actors sitting on the board of directors of a single bank in Basel used financial derivatives and currency manipulation to accomplish what massed armies of millions were unable to. But what amazes me even more is how those entrusted to protect the interests of the American People have been so negligent in doing so. It makes me wonder if the rats jumping ship are doing so to "spend more time with their children" or cashing out and getting out of town before sundown.

    The coming insolvency of The United States Treasury could not have occurred without the complicity of members in the House, Senate, and Executive Branch.

    We should have seen this coming.
  • Hey, Reaper. How much value has the stock market gained since you posted this hero worshipping claim of great economy under Herr Drumpf? I'll give you a clue. In the 22 days since you posted this thread, the Dow Jones Index has LOST all of its gains for the past 11 months.

    Next, the Dow will lose all of its gains for 2017. So much for the Trump economic miracle.
  • $30 trillion gained under Trump my friend.
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