Stephen Hawking wasn't a fan of Trump

Stephen Hawking the world's most renowned Physicist.Rarest mind to have produced.One of few leaders for the science world clearly showed dislike for America's current president Donald Trump.

(Check out the article below).


  • Looked up to this historical figure most of my life.Tragic that he's passed on.He's left an amazing legacy.Rip Sir Hawking.

    How would a supporter of trump react against the world's most brilliant mind?.
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    Who gives a damn what Stephen think. Trump is not losing any sleep over his remark.
  • @Rastaman/*Face palm*.Smh Jamaica mon.You'd choose that maniac over the rarest mind of this generation? Of the entire human race? Amazing....Dr.Hawkings was right about the decline of critical thinkers.
  • True, very true,@ Nobody905.. prime example you have there..imagine that!!
  • So what did he brought to the World resulted from his great mind? It will be interesting to learn in order for one to reflect on life. The little I know about the man was he was smart that's about it. He was so smart that he couldn't cure himself nor did he succeeded in overcoming DEATH.
  • Yes, what would the most brilliant scientist in our lifetime know about climate change.....compared to this expert who knows that water is wet.
  • Stephen is worm food. All his studies were based on theory. Conjecture and unproven.

    Liberals claim to be for science yet say there are more than 2 sexes. Trump on the other hand screen with science on 2 sexes.

  • Stephen predicted things on theory. Trump on the other hand did and is doing all the things he said would happened if he was President. Theory vs Reality. If vs Is. What if vs It is. KEEP America Great.
  • @Oalong/Dr.Hawking has made tremendous amount of Contributions and discoveries.My apologies for I won't have time to type everything down.You can simply search them up."Stephen Hawking Contributions".He was only bright within the field he pursued.He had no interest in becoming a docter nor a medical genius.He suffered from what's known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or aka Lou Gehrig's disease.There's no cure for it to this day.Famous as Hawking was many genius docters from around the world searched for one.It's costly for both resource and money.It even takes years for the process of researching.Death?...this will come to a shock but scientists are on to that.To search if it's possible to have "immortality."
  • @Rastaman/Dr.Hawking was cremated&Buried in Westminister Abbey London,UK.No worms have the ability to eat ash let alone burrow through his concrete marble resting place.Yes he was buried in a church a place of worship where he harshly said some things about alongside religions.Christians must know that he did not recant during his last days of life.He's an Atheist and will die as one.It was his family's decision to have him buried there.Proceeding with the ceremony/Traditional funeral beforehand.Their statements-"Our father lived and worked in Cambridge for over 50 years. He was an integral and highly recognisable part of the university and the city," they said.
    "For this reason, we have decided to hold his funeral in the city that he loved so much and which loved him."
    "Our father's life and work meant many things to many people, both religious and non-religious. So, the service will be both inclusive and traditional, reflecting the breadth and diversity of his life."On another note Other famous scientists are also laid there.Sir Isaac Newton&Charles Darwin.

    Science has no political allegiance. You're pointing to the few nut jobs who represent us.There are actually a lot of science driven people within my side.So no most of us don't believe that there are more than two genders.Thats that nothing more.Not all left leaning individuals have that sort of mindset.Right wingers on the other hand.At one time If I'm not mistaken there were few people who pursued challenging fields such as climate,Space,or what not.Very few due to the Christian beliefs.As time changed so did the people.You want to see who's really denying science look no further than your own political ranks.Crystal clear who's more science and who isn't.What difference does it make anyway.The education in this country has failed producing large numbers of morons and less bright minded people.Left nor right it's already to late to reverse the academic damage.

    Stephen Hawking's theories was many.Some did turn out to be true as others did not.Conjecture&Unproven evidence is the nature of how it works.(Example:Life on other planets?-Given the incredible vast size of our universe there's without a doubt it host many planets like ours.Where there's water life exist.Scientists found Ice on Mars before but recently Nasa have found liquid water beneath the cold dead planet despite tremendous amounts of years of exposure to elements and outside contact.This finding itself confirmed Dr.Hawking's theory to be true.) Many more like this one that's been proven.I'm sure you can research these yourself and understand.Lets look back through time.Einstein,Newton,Darwin,Tesla,Leonardo da Vinci,Galileo,Greek&Roman philosophers,Egyptian healers,Mesopotamian astronomers,&My own Marshallese ancestors.All had vast theories on just about anything.Which through time became a reality.

    Trump on the other hand.He's got his.CONSPIRACY THEORIES.Accusing Ted Cruz father of being involved in president Kennedy's assassination,Syrian refugees are Isis members in disguise,&That Vaccines give children autism.All of these are untrue.Unrealistic.No supporting concrete evidence.You see the big difference here my island brotha?
  • @Visafree/Right on! It must've hurt Trump deep within after finding out.
  • He is worm food. its a saying. he is dead. Trump could careless about what Hawking had to say. When he died it didn't register on his or my radar. All of hawkings theory are just theory. That's what Theoretical Physics is all about. What if. And last i remember Trump is alive and his doing effect everything under the sky. And Hawking wasn't the first to suggest that life exist beyond our universe. He just build his studies on other existing studies.

    Trump 2020 for President.
  • @Rastaman/Worms eat flesh Period.They're the decomposers of our planet Amonsts other critters.Hawking was cremated.They devour ash then it's death for them.No.He must've heard when it came out.Just doesn't want to admit that the world's greatest scientist is right.I'd imagine him going to bed every night hearing the robotic voice echoes of Dr.Hawking uttering those remarks."Demagogue"..."Demagogue"... "Demagogue"....Certainly will give the old man nightmares.(lol).Alive and mindless.Is he really making a big difference not only for this screwed country but for the entire planet?Its the total opposite.Ive forgot to mention he's also Christian.There's no way he's got knowledge about anything science related.Each time he does attempt to do so.His Twitter tweets speaks for itself.You're following an old fool Jamaica mon.He's bringing us closer to destruction.Trump 2020....if it actually happens.

    Was I not clear about what a theory is? I've given an example and explanation.At least the best that I could anyway since I'm not fully qualified to answer.I'm not a Psysicist myself.No he wasn't the first to coin that idea.I never said he was.He himself said also.Though look at how widespread his knowledge is about life on other planets.No other scientist could be detailed to what life would be like.To me I believe so.There's probably an advance civilization out there as we speak that are far different from ours.Seven articles of minor mistakes bud unlike trump Dr.Hawking takes Critism like a boss.Few mistakes doesn't hurt him.As people spot out his flaws.He imedietly jumps into action to correct it.Trump...the total opposite.Studies that are previously made by one and used later by other scientist to help expand a scientific work is quite a normie thing to do.

  • Hawking is worm food. Hawking was all about "what if" his theories are just theories and have been proven wrong many times. The difference between Trump and Hawking is that Trump do things that impact the real world and its four corners. ISIS does not know hawking or who he is but they know Who TRUMP is. Many Marshallese may not know who hawking was but they know who Trump is.

    Get over it Hawking is worm food.
  • @ Nobody.. you are wasting you time with this moron, they ignorant fools as always in denial of the fact because they know nothing! period!! especially this pot-head, he is a joke@!
  • Visa, you will jump on a elephants manhood in a instant if it said something against Trump and ride it till kingdom come. And please again STFU. Your opinion does not count because you aren't a US citizen.
  • @Rastaman/Now hold up a minute.Us citizen? Sure through documented papers,process,etc.However are we really people of this land?.We're still Foreigners.Our homes are the islands.Always will be.The true "Americans"(name they dislike being called by) of this country are the natives that dwelled here befor any of us.
  • @Rastaman/He,You,I well as everyone else has Right to freedom of speech/expression.Opinions from everyone bad or good can't be denied.Citizen wise FSM is politically Aligned with the United States.If he isn't a citizen he can go through the naturalization process to become one.Therefore his statements count.No ones voice should be silenced.

    @Visafree/Agreed.Sadly they'll continue to be this way.Denying truth as it floats in plain sight.
  • @MrNobody905, they are conquered people just like the hawaiians. Sorry to be blunt but that's the reality. Weak people over the course of history from the beginning of time have always been absorbed by stronger more technological advanced people. Its the law of nature.

    As for visa he or she is a dumb*ss. if she has anything intelligence to say she can talk but otherwise she can STFU.
  • @Rastaman/You won I surrender.Totally right man.
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