Why liberals Defend Islam But Attack Christianity?

Why are liberals and leftists always defending Islam?

They hate Christians who oppose LGBT on moral and principals yet defend islam who kills LGBT people. In majority of Muslim countries they kill LGBTs.

Liberal feminist demonize Christians as oppressive to women because of the so called "wage gap" yet defend Islam which treat women much much worst to a point where women like property.


Similarly, Muslims in general support traditional sexual morality and oppose abortion. And, unlike Christians, in Islamic countries, they would likely punish the leftists who are agreeing with them for their secularism and unbelief.


When a terrorist attack is carried out in the name of Islam liberals rush in to defend islam and say "not all Muslims are like this". Yet when a single Christian shoot some people the act wasn't carried out in the name of Christianity liberals quickly brush that as "all Christians are like that".

Liberals claim Christians are trying to enforce a theocracy yet western chrisrian nations separate state from religion but establishing societies ruled by the Qur'an is the major goal of Islam yet liberals don't make this same claim about islam which majority of their countries is ruled by the Qur'an.

The left is always on the alert for “Islamaphobia.” While being oblivious to their own “Christophobia.”

Why is this?

I suspect the left’s tradition of anti-colonialism is part of the answer, but it can hardly account for the continuation of these sentiments in the new post-Marxist climate of gender politics.

Liberals hate Christianity because they claim its conservative and propagate the "Patriarchy" yet the forget Islam is also conservative and in Islam the male or "patriarchy" rule.

Everything the liberals believe and stand for like women rights, LGBT rights, equal rights, gay marriage are all opposed by islam to a point where women aren't allowed to work and go to school, LGBTs is punishable by death in many Muslim countries, Slavery is still alive in Muslim countries, and being gay is a crime punishable by death in Muslim countries.

Christians only oppose to these things on moral and principal yet are called the and buys yet islam opposes these things to a point where they execute those who do these things but are deemed the good guys by liberals.


  • As an athiest I can't speak for all within my political side.Those people who are secular that's a left leaning individual.We view both Christianity and Islam as pure nonsense.
  • A mosque was erected in RMI several years back.Thats a newest religion To set foot on our kingdom.They say there's already tension rising between the Christians there and the islamics who number only about 300(still rising)..Our ancestors are probably rolling in their deep graves right now.
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