I hope it's not a matter of "false memory"

Years ago, there were a lot of discussion about people who were able to recover lost memories thru use of therapists. It was popular and a lot of results were in the news. But one case, which I think changed a lot of minds about such therapy involved a young woman who accused her church-pastor father of raping her when she was young. The daughter claimed that the father penetrated her. This accusation, needless to say, ripped the family apart as well as the church and community. Apparently, thru a therapist, she had "recovered" this terrible act in her memory. In order to investigate the case, the girl was examined but was found to be still a virgin--that she had never been penetrated in all of her life. It means no rape had occurred. I don't know what became of the broken relationships. I think the father forgave the daughter. But after that, I think nobody truly believed in that type of therapy anymore. "False memory" problem applies for both men and women--boys and girls. There has to be a way to ensure that false memories are separated by real memories. But what do I know?


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  • It'll be good if her attorneys were to provide a copy of her therapy sessions--so it can be ascertained that the therapist did not suggest "recovering" memories that were not there in the first place. The accuser should be taken seriously. Something probably happened to her. Question: was is Bret or somebody else; in another party; at another place; at another time. Recovered memories can be tricky.
  • I think they call this hypnosis. Therapists can do this. But it has some negative effect, like the one you described above. It can plant false memory to a point where people believe its True. Ever watch the comedy movie Shallow Hal? Hal was hypnotize and he saw ugly fat women as slim and beautiful while beautiful women as fat and ugly.
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