Witch Hunt Now Hunting Obama’s Former White House Counsel & Hillary Allies

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Obama and Greg Craig

Greg Craig, former president Barack Obama‘s very first White House counsel, has retained a lawyer of his own. The move comes as federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) weigh charges against Craig and other high-profile Democratic Party influence peddlers after special counsel Robert Mueller referred the cases to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in southern Manhattan.

Craig himself is a former counsel at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, another high-priced mega law enterprise which has been described as “Wall Street’s most powerful law firm.”

Skadden Arps also once employed a direct target of Mueller’s wide-ranging Russia probe–convicted felon Alex Van Der Zwaan, the Dutch-born attorney who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators and who was the first person sentenced in the special counsel’s increasingly corruption-focused dragnet.

Craig is currently under scrutiny as part of the SDNY’s investigation into whether he improperly failed to register as a foreign agent under the federal Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Notably, Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to a similar violation of the FARA statute in a superseding indictment released on Friday morning by the special counsel’s office.

According to CNN, Skadden Arps itself is also caught up in the SDNY’s probe though it’s presently unclear whether Mueller’s army of attorneys still have their sights set on anyone at the firm. The specific allegations of wrongdoing leveled at Skadden Arps are related to their role in Manafort’s Ukrainian lobbying. To wit, the production of a since-discredited report defending the imprisonment of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko by then-president Viktor Yanukovych–one of Manafort’s longtime clients in Ukraine.

If the U.S. Attorneys’ Office in Manhattan follows through with action against the well-connected firm, however, prosecutors are likely to issue the legal equivalent of a slap on the wrist by working with the firm on a civil settlement or by simply doling out a deferred prosecution agreement–the latter of which is typically afforded to first time criminal offenders for non-felony charges–per sources cited by CNN.

Mueller’s team referred the investigation into Craig and Skadden Arps earlier this summer.

At the time, Mueller also referred an investigation into longtime Democratic Party lobbyist and influence peddler Tony Podesta, who co-founded the Podesta Group lobbying firm with his brother John Podesta, an influential member of pro-Democratic Party think tank the Center for American Progress and chair of Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential campaign.

The potential wrongdoing in the Podesta case is also likely related to Ukrainian lobbying work.

According to court filings, two companies–referred to as Company A and Company B–were hired “to lobby in the United States on behalf of President Yanukovych, [the pro-Russian] Party of Regions and the Government of Ukraine.” The Podesta Group is believed to be one of the companies in question.



  • @SaremChuuk & FactsMatters & @visafree & @errr, any comments on why Mueller is now cooking up charges on Obamas Whitehouse counsel and looking into Hillarys long time allies and democrat powerhouse the Podesta brothers and their lobbying group?
  • why manafort cooperation leading mueller to democrats instead of Trumps campaign?
  • a witch hunt they started.
  • and its magnificently turning its head back towards the democrats. KEEP AMAERICA GREAT!
  • Reaper, you need to get a grip of what going on and stop being naive, don't you know the different between the work of the special counsel and the work of the New York prosecutor? dude, I feel like communicating with a fifth grader..
  • @visafree, get ready for 6 years of Trump because they have nothing on him. The lawyer and lead investor Lisa and Strzok both admitted that. cry your lonely tears somewhere else, preferably with FactsMatters and Sarem Chuuk and redsnapper and that batty boy errr. All you in denial liberals huddle and cry together. =)
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    in your dream my friend, the investigation is still on going, so lets just be real and wait for the special counsel Muller to make his final report after he is done with Manafort and the others.
    until then, stop wasting time and efforts you moron.

  • Like i said @visafree STFU. You ain't a US citizen yet you are a wanna b democrat. Get your citizenship then talk. The final report will be nothing. FBI found nothing along with NSA and CIA found nothing. Mueller will also find nothing. That is why all of his cases haven't touch the Trump campaign. Now the investigations are turning towards the democrat podesta group and Skadden.
  • No you STFU!! you moron, you being a citizen yet don't understand how thing work in the government is a joke! you gotta be ashamed of yourself calling yourself a citizen you MORON! your citizenship don't means nothing when you are not allowed to vote for the POTUS..stupid!
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    @visafree, 1 question are you a US citizen or FSM Citizen?
  • @ Pawn Star, you can take that stupid question and shove it up where the sun don't shine. its has nothing to do this topic. You stupid solider boy..
  • @visafree, so you the answer is no. Did you vote in 2016 and have ever voted in the US?
  • did you? and what state?.. stupid Micronesian, why don't you go back to plant taro instead? oh I forgot, you are a wanna be patriot hopeless citizen..
  • i voted in 2016 for Trump. Casted my absentee vote for MAGA. You?
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    A citizen of FSM criticizing those Micronesian-Americans who lean and vote Republican yet can't vote in the US. Whose the wanna be here? The none US citizen who lean democrat or the Micronesian-Americans who can vote in the US?
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