Another "Witch" Hunted, Caught, and Squealing

Paul Manafort has pleaded guilty, and has agreed to cooperate with Special Counsel Mueller's investigation. That makes SEVEN witches hunted, found, and wrapped up:

Michael Flynn -- Guilty and cooperating;
George Papadopolous -- Guilty and cooperating;
Rick Gates -- Guilty and cooperating;
Alex Van der Zwaan -- Guilty, served 30 days in jail and deported, not cooperating;
Michael Cohen -- Guilty and cooperating;
Sam Patten -- Guilty and cooperating; and
Paul Manafort -- Guilty and cooperating.

This puts Mueller INSIDE the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians, as well as at the July, 2016 Republican convention.

Since Mueller is so good at hunting Witches, maybe Herr Drumpf should put him in charge of hunting for RATS in the White House.


  • BTW, Gates, Patten, and Manafort are all directly linked to (worked directly for years with) Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian identified as a Russian Intelligence operative, who was indicted by Mueller but has sought the protection of Putin, apparently because Kilimnik is not only a spy, but a cowardly spy.
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    Another fake news spreading. Manafort case is about tax evation not conspiracy to defraud the US aka collusion with Russia. Hahaha


    Michael Flynn -- Lying to a federal agent.
    George Papadopolous -- Guilty of lying to a federal agent.
    Rick Gates -- lying to a federal agent.
    Alex Van der Zwaan -- Guilty, served 30 days for lying again to a federal agent.
    Michael Cohen -- plead guilty to tax evasion testified that he has no knowledge of tower meetings.
    Sam Patten -- plead guilty to lying to you guessed it lying to a federal agent.

    All cases beside Manafort are handled by district prosecutors not special counsel. Hahaha

    All these cases do not involve the Trump campaign. Hahaha

  • From Liberal leaning NPR: "Paul Manafort's cooperation agreement with the special counsel does not include matters involving the Trump campaign, according to a person familiar with the case"

  • You two Christian leave our Jewish friend @SaremChuuk alone. He love that nothing burgers so long as its Kosher. Hehehe
  • Yes, nothing to do with Trump or Russia. lol

  • Its all over the news. Another big nothing burger.

    The guilty plea by Manafort, 69, relates to money earned from consulting work on behalf of pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine and predate his tenure as chairman of Trump's presidential campaign.

    exist or occur at a date earlier than (something or Trymp campaign).

    What democrats don't get is that its leading investigators back to their own door steps>Podesta/Clinton/Obama/<.

    This is why obama as return to the political stage to help democrats try to win the house and senate. Because if the Republicans win the majority in both houses the investigations will turn towards the left and democrats. Now that mueller is wrapping up and no evidence of Trump Russian collusion the republicans will now appoint a special counsel to look at clinton emails and Manafort working for clinton during Russian take over of Ukraine.
  • Not to worry boys! Manafort will squeal pretty soon into the Russia probe...and trump will beforced to eject himself out, its any moment now...hahahh
  • @errr, his cooperation has nothing to do with the Trump campaign. Why would you squeal when the charges you are facing does not involved the Trump campaign.

    "the cooperation agreement does not involve the Trump campaign"

    Sarem has been peeing on your leg and calling it rain.
  • The pressure on President Trump was ratcheted up a few more notches on Friday with news of Paul Manafort striking a deal to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s prosecutors.

    The decision by Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, came as a surprise even to seasoned observers of the Mueller probe who were expecting a guilty plea but not a “flip” by the former aide.

    Manafort has firsthand knowledge of a number of key issues, including the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower which he attended along with a Russian lawyer, the president’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

    Last month, when Manafort was convicted on eight separate felony charges in Virginia, the president praised him for having “refused to ‘break.’ ”

    As of Friday evening, Trump had not directly responded to the news of Manafort’s cooperation. It is improbable that his silence will last long.

    Legal observers say the Manafort deal is highly significant, even as the exact nature of his cooperation remains unknown.

    “For months now, we have thought Manafort is one of the two or three big witnesses if [Mueller] could crack him, and he couldn’t,” said Harry Litman, a former U.S. attorney. “Now he’s cracked him like an egg.”

    Manafort’s decision comes on top of several other convictions and guilty pleas chalked up by Mueller’s team.
  • This cooperation has nothing to do with Trump or his campaign. Politico and NPR both tweeted this and the left lost their mind. All of manaforts charges predate him working for Trump.

    Obama's own former Whitehouse Counsel has been ratted out by Manafort. His name is Greg. He worked for the skadden group.

    Federal prosecutors in New York are considering criminal charges against Greg Craig, a former Obama White House counsel, as part of a investigation into whether he failed to register as a foreign agent, sources told CNN on Friday.

    The charges are linked to a probe into Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman to President Trump, CNN reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

    Manafort on Friday pleaded guilty to two federal charges in a deal that includes cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
  • Hahaha when you own democrat investigations leads back to the Obama Whitehouse. Haha
  • they're coming in ...pretty soon boys!
  • MORE BAD NEWS FOR PODESTA, MERCURY & SKADDEN: As part of MANAFORT’s plea deal, he agrees to testify before all grand juries in DC and "elsewhere.” The inquiries into
    , Mercury &
    are being run out of the Southern District of New York.
    8:17 AM · Sep 14, 2018^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&amp;ref_url=

    Manafort has squealed and spill the beans on the Podesta Group which He worked with in Ukraine along with the Mercury Group and Skadden Group. The Skadden Group as we now know was lead by Greg a former Obama Whitehouse Counsel. Instead of leading the investigations to Trump, Manafort is leading ir back to where it all began. Clinton and Obama Whitehouse.
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    BAD FOR GREG CRAIG: His white shoe law firm @SKADDEN_ARPS accepted $4M from MANAFORT through overseas accounts to write whitewash report on YANOKOVYCH while privately expressing doubts about the report & also secretly working more broadly for Yanukovych's pro-Russian regime.

    Obamas former Whitehouse consel got $4,000,000 while working with Manafort on behalf of Russia in Ukraine while Manafort was working for thr Podesta group who were in turn working for Hillary Clinton who in turn worked for Obama.
  • Ex-Obama White House counsel could face charges

    Greg Craig with Obama at the Whitehouseimage

    New York federal prosecutors are considering charges against former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig in a probe linked to Paul Manafort, according to a published report.

    Prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York may also take action against well-connected law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, where Craig was a partner during the activity in question, CNN reported.

    The probe centers on whether Craig improperly performed lobbying work on behalf of a group associated with Ukraine without registering with the Justice Department as a foreign agent, the CNN report said.

    The investigation is tied to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Manafort probe because Manafort “solicited a law firm” on behalf of then-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the CNN report said.

    An attorney for Craig said the former Obama counsel “was not required to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.”
  • There is only one special counsel not two and the results of his work are clear, The rest are just fake news to cover the Truth about the President and the special counsel's investigation of the President's actions.
  • The republicans have made it clear that if they win both houses or win the Senate this midterm they will appoint another special counsel.
  • This is the latest on Friday….

    The plea agreement does not limit Manafort’s cooperation to Mueller’s team. He may have information of interest to other investigators; federal prosecutors in New York, for example, recently secured a plea deal with Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who admitted to violating campaign finance laws. At his plea hearing, Cohen said that Trump directed him to arrange payments to buy the silence of two former paramours, including the porn actress Stormy Daniels.

    Prosecutors are sure to zero in on Manafort’s attendance at a meeting of campaign officials in June 2016 aimed at obtaining derogatory information from a Kremlin-linked lawyer about Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party’s presidential nominee. Among those who also attended that gathering in Trump Tower were the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

    Mueller may also be interested in exploring the altering of language in the Republican Party platform just before the 2016 convention that was critical of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • @errr, Cohen and Manafort are two different cases. The campaign violation route is a no go since the Money came from the Trump foundation and not the campaign funds.

    And Manafort is squealing on his former boss Podesta and co-workers in Skadden law firm (Skadden headed by Obama's Whitehouse counsel) and Mercury (headed by Pro-Russian bothers) in Ukraine. 3 dots have been connected by Manafort and these dots lead back to the democrats or Obama Whitehouse.
  • special counsel is not investigating Obama's Administration, it is investigating Trump's own campaign collusion that Manafort was a Manager, according to expert prosecutors, Manafort was the bridge between Trump Campaign and the Russian government agents, some conclude that his was a Russian spy agent as well.
  • Paul has been knocked from his high horse, his eyes have been opened, and he can now speak the truth.

  • @visafree, but Manafort has led Mueller and his special counsel team to the democrats and Hillary and the root of it all the Obama Whitehouse.

    Manafort has cooperated and he named former Obama Whitehouse Counsel (Picture Below with Obama) has one of his conspirators in Ukraine.

    Manafort has also squealed on the Podesta brothers group (Here is one 1/2 of the Podesta brothers with Obama) has conspirators in his work in Ukraine
  • Manafort was charged with tax evasion and making millions in Ukraine. During the time Putin took over eastern Ukraine. Manafort along with the Podesta brothers and Skadden group headed by Obama's whitehouse counsel were instrumental in wokring with the Russians/Putin in taking over Ukraine.

    Manafort and Greg Craig (Skadden Group)------Worked for The Podesta Group-------The Podesta group was in turn hired by Hillary Clinton------Clinton was obamas SecState (09-2013)-----Obama is where the Strings all lead from.

    Boom! Back to where it all began the Democrat Party.
  • Yes, Obama conspired with Putin to help Trump get elected.

    And the earth is flat.

    And climate change is a hoax.

    And black is white.

    And some people will believe anything if it fits their worldview.
  • Manafort is charged with failing to pay taxes stemming from his work for a Russian-backed Ukrainian president. Meanwhile, international media attention is focused on this case like it is the trial of the century. So it must be a really big deal and somehow involve Donald Trump or at least his campaign, right?

    Wrong. The trial involves Manafort’s business dealings and tax filings going back to 2006 – long before he ever signed on as a volunteer on the Trump presidential campaign.

    And guess who were involved with him and wokring for a Pro-Russian/Putin Ukrainian President?

    Here they are.

    1.The Podesta Group a big time Democrat Lobbying Group that Hired Manafort to lead lobbying of not interfering with Russia annexation of Eastern Ukraine, Which Obama allowed. Below is 1/2 of the brothers who own the Podesta Group with Obama

    2.The Skadden Group or Skadden Law firm which was headed by Obama's former Whitehouse Counsel Greg Craig in this picture Below with Obama. Manafort sought the Skadden group's help in putting away a Ukrainian presidential candidate who was anti Putin.

    3.Hillary Clinton Hired the Podesta Group when she was Secretary of State under Obama during the so called "Ukraine crises" the podesra group in turn hired Manafort who in turn brought along Greg Craig. And guess where all the dots lead?
  • "And some people will believe anything if it fits their worldview"

    Like you for instant who refuse the evidences that Manafort bring up when he cooperated with the Special counsel. He named 3 groups whom all have ties with the democrats has being involved with his crimes which he is being prosecuted for yet you refuse to believe it because it does not fit your world view.

    "Black is white"
    -Black is the absence of light.

    "Climate change is a hoax"
    -Majority of the scientists disagree with climate change.
  • recent filing the DOJ exposes deep ties financial and political ties between Russia and one of Hillary's closest allies who own the Podesta Group who worked on behalf of Russia in Ukraine (Video)

    Skadden-Greg Craig a former obama Whitehouse official along with the Podesta group are now under investigations (Video).

    Now Mueller is being led by Manafort to the Podesta group, Skadden and Mercury all 3 worked for Democrats Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Ukraine. Instead of squealing on Trump, Manafort is squealing on democrats.
  • special counsel Muller is not being led to anywhere other then the Trump tower meeting, you see Reaper?. that was Manafort attempt to point the other direction but failed, according to the New York prosecutors, the find not enough evident in Manaforts allegation to proceed with the investigation..
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