Big Pohnpei Concern Being Ignored

John Ehsa's two Administrations did not enforce the truancy laws of Pohnpei and upon information and belief, the current Administration is not enforcing the same laws either. Last truancy case was made during Governor's David's time. If there had been some since I apologize but no one should apologize for the explosion of the number of truants. Pohnpei law says that children up to the age of 16 must be in school. I was approached my children selling malek en Pohnpei today while the mother lie that the children are out of school.

This sad robbing of these children's ability to take care of themselves in the future is a more subtle human trafficking yet we endorse the more scandalous and more visible form of human trafficking. This is a form of human trafficking in the sickest sense because parents have children do peddling for the family because parents are too lazy to take of their children. These uneducated children will be Pohnpei, this Nation and USA's biggest burden in the future. Some will become slaves of relatives and big businesses with piss poor wages. Others will become abused housewives and others will resort to stealing due to limited marketable trade.

Pohnpei is catching a new second wind on efforts to vanquish the unconquerable squatter and those efforts are commendable. But can be begin with this rather workable effort to get rid of truancy?

I learned that one person had gathered 11 to 15 years old kids and keep them in one of the PICS housing places and this 30 plus year old man is not related to 90% of those children. None of them go to school. The kids just stay up until 2 a.m. nightly, the source said. How is this happening? We must stop the explosion and get this kids to school. School is the only chance to survive in the new world in Pohnpei, the FSM or if they end up in the U.S.


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