Tongei Chuuk

Kich Aramas sipwe fori wisach ngeni fonuwach Chuuk. Ikenai chomong nouch nouwis ra ekieki pwe repwene chok fori met ar mwochen nge rese chiwen ekieki, chungu nonomwun kich aramas. Kich aramas sipwe kapas eis ngeni nouch nouwis (senators me representatives) repwe voice ar opinion ika ia re stand ia won ei auchean issue ren ei secession movement.

Ami nouwis oupwe wenechar won mefiemi won ei secession movement. Chechemeni pwe KOT mi sinei ika ke chok ponirani mefiom fan itan omw votes non ei March 2019. Ami kana nouwis ouwa kon pwan kiss ass ngeni ach ei administration fan itan ami votes. Stand up for your right don't think that you can fool your constituents with your lies.

Usun ami chon northern namoneas delegation ouwa chok go along with the YES fan itan nouch kepina fiti nouch president of senate re pro secession. Med ami ekieki pwe ou angei ami kana votes senir? Stop being their puppets. Am chon northern namoneas will put you on notice comes march 2019.

If the secession fails this coming march 2019, we the constituents will sue the political status commission, kepina, legislature for wasting our not enough fundings with your nonsense.

If we lie to the government then it's a felony, but if they (government) lie to us its politics. This is true and alive in Chuuk today.

Ewer use mwaken, comes March 2019 ami representatives pekin YES will be voted out of office. Pwan ami ekena senators thinking your safe pwun ese mwo tori ami election, don't forget 2021 is not that far.

Be smart
Don't be a puppet
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