The Pohnpei Public Market.

Anyone care to share what happened at the Pohnpei Public Market last week.? I heard some disturbing things about this issue but really do not know the detail. According to the source, it was really an Alarming incident! The Kolonia town government couldn't take action on the matter and the Pohnpei State Government turned a blind eye.


  • Nothing happened. Pohnpei State Government just showed the whole of FSM that they can't live up to what they say......

    AG's letter says two options basically;
    1. Pack up and leave peacefully
    2. Be forced out

    LOL......Non of that happened. It was just a day of good sakau for the people of Nett and the Iso.
  • So what does that tell us Pohnpeians? Is the Leadership we placed in the State Oval Office measuring up to our expectations?
  • so is it true nankeen of net is a drug user, and a wife stealer? no wonder he acts like a common criminal....
  • Pohnpei State Attorney General's office filed complaints in the courts against the squatters following the deadline set by Pohnpei AG.

  • I'm not sure why the link that I tried to post yesterday to the article on this in KPress required administrator approval and still hasn't been posted but you should be able to find it at if interested.
  • Let's not fabricate stories here. The AG's Office did their part in providing the eviction notice. Now that these squatters don't want to abide, it now rests with the PNI Supreme Court. The question now is, who amongst the Judges have the balls to settle this? Some people want to be judges but run and hide when the going gets tough.
  • Inemenlo

    if that is the case the judges should listen to the song sang my Billy Ocean!
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