So, it seems the infamous squatters from the tiny atoll of Parem in the Municipality of Nett who now dwell on the once "public market" premise in Kolonia Town will not move despite orders from the State Attorney. The next step is for a court order and when that happens, I'm afraid these people will have no options left but MOVE. If not, then they are making a big mistake in standing their ground and believing that their celebrated traditional leader Iso Naniken of Nett (was impeached from Nett District Administrator and a well-known drug user) would come to their rescue and scare the Government into backing off and enabling these people to continue to dwell in the public market premises turning the place into the first ghetto living standard like in Pohnpei with human waste and unsanitary debris all over the place. There have been recent studies that determined the whole area to be infested with E.coli germs. So my best bet is don't buy any more fish and foog takeouts from these areas. They're infected and will remain infected until the cause is evicted from the area.


  • The issue had been tracked along for a while when it should have been addressed from the start. This is classic Micronesian style of doing things, let it slide until it gets worst. I think instead of forcing the issue, government can play smart and issue out bidding for the lots. convince the current users that the land is up for lease; its public land right?
  • How is this different from the officials squatting in the government housing for no official reasons? I'm just throwing a question out there. If they are to address squatters, why not address al starting with the government homes near PICS? Those houses cost more than the public market and is a source of income for the state. Shouldn't that be more important? It is very sad to see the public market turn into a slum. They are people still with children paying outside. Kinda heart broken watching how they live in these facilities. Not build for residence. The business right next to it is a squatter too. I'm not so sure how some squatters deserve more slashing over others. Just saying...
  • @Lihndanpei

    It isn't different from any other squatting situation but it is what's on the table at the moment. I get your point though. Squatting is kind of rampant and the PPM is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • This is more like it. Micronesia wise.
  • Oh I know. My grandmother's land have people building into it left and right. I will one day come back and take a dozer and push all that garbage out of it. As for the government, when we finally get leadership with Iron Mike's fist.
  • imagewhy such negativism??
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