Breaking News: death of Senator McCain

Sad to hear the passing of Senator McCain on the news today. McCain and his wife Cindy were very supportive to Chuuk State by bringing medicine and doctors from the US to help serving Chuukese people. He has been to Chuuk few times in the past. It is a big lost for people who have been helped by him. I hope and pray the senators of US will continue following his foot steps. RIP Senator McCain.


  • This is very true, I join other Chuukese and Micronesians in the mourning of the passing of a great Patriotic American Hero and Leader. RIP
  • McCain requested that former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush deliver eulogies at his funeral.

    Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush will deliver their remarks during a service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a separate service honoring the senator in Arizona.

    McCain decided months ago that he did not want Donald Trump at his funeral.
  • Republican senator and military war hero John McCain strongly defended his political opponent for president, Barack Obama, when one of McCain's supporters called Obama an "Arab." McCain was a man of integrity and honor.
  • What a remarkable man he was. RIP senator McCain. we can understand why he dose not want Trump at his funeral. a man of honor.
  • Orange fuck face should never be in the same zip code this war hero’s body is at any point.
  • All across America, flags are lowered to half-staff to honor the late John McCain.....EXCEPT over President Bone Spur's White House.

    Small hands indeed.

  • It’s what petty little fucks like orange fuck face would do
  • Try to control your Trump Derangement Syndrome and keep up with the news, PS.

    A New Low: White House Raises Flag Before John McCain Is Laid to Rest

    08.27.18 11:04 AM ET

    The president’s antipathy for John McCain seems to have hit a new depth as Old Glory is hoisted back up from half-staff, just days after his most prominent GOP critic’s death.

    The flag at the White House was raised back to full-staff Monday morning, just hours after it had been briefly lowered to recognize the death of Republican senator and former presidential candidate John McCain.

    The move breaks with a national tradition of mourning that has normally seen sitting senators who die in office have flags officially lowered in their honor until burial—and again lays bare the lack of sympathy President Donald Trump showed throughout the Arizona Republican’s public battle with brain cancer and particularly in the wake of his death at age 81 on Saturday.

    The flag is flying at half-staff at other government sites across Washington, including at the Capitol and at the Washington Monument.

    Trump has still not issued a formal presidential proclamation on McCain’s death—previous instances called for flags to be flown at half-staff until internment.

    At an Oval Office press event Monday, the president refused to address McCain, sitting in silence as reporters repeatedly shouted questions about the late senator’s life and legacy.

    Throughout McCain’s terminal illness, Trump continued to publicly disrespect him. He declined to say McCain’s name when signing a bill that was named for him, and said he was “not a war hero” despite enduring torture during more than five years held in Hanoi as a prisoner of war.

    McCain has been eulogized from across the political spectrum from George W. Bush and Barack Obama—both of whom McCain had requested to speak at his funeral—and even in Vietnam, where the man who was in charge of the prison where McCain was kept praised his ”toughness.”

    But the current commander in chief has failed to muster any warm words—and has now thrown away tradition and, despite enjoying lecturing others about respecting the flag, appears to be using it again as a political weapon.

    He’s criticized National Football League players who protest police brutality as failing to respect the flag and the national anthem, and at the State of the Union address in January praised a kid for starting a movement that placed flags on veterans’ graves.
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    Remember when Liberals called McCain a racist and a bigot a coward and a dummy when he ran against Obama?

    Hiatory of Liberals attacking McCain when he ran against Obama.

    1.Democrats attack McCain's war record.

    2- McCain is a Racist

    3-McCain is a Sexist

    4-McCain is a closet Racist

    The democrats are guilty of the the same things they accused Trump of in regards to McCain. They are just using the death of the man they once called a racist, a sexist a bigot and a dummy to attack Trump. The same thing they accused Trump of the also accused McCain of too. How they have short memory. Come on these are the same democrats who use children deaths for political gains.
  • The White House chaos continues. After lowering the flag, then raising it prematurely today, Trump once again lowered it.

    The political winds must have shifted again for this strong, decisive, and steady world leader to change his mind once again.

    Next....Trump will raise a white flag over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. lol


  • It Traditional, whenever someone dies while in high government office, the flag is lower in honor of that person but not today in this Trump's embarrassing administration. The POTUS is a total disgrace plus the weak GOP congress..
  • Democrats for the last two years: Disrespecting the flag is OK.

    Democrats Today: Why didn't Trump lower flag????

    2 days of lowering flag for McCain is enough. We have more things to worry about then fake democRATs concern for a dead man they once attacked when he ran against obama. Fake concerns from the party that hates America. Move one.
  • Fuck face orange monkey draft dodger calls McCain not a hero. How retarded are you to not see the absurdity, ignorance and disrespect this orange fuck has for those who wore the uniform and then says shit about peaceful protest in the NFL. How retarded are you? Appears severely retarded.
  • Let the McCain rest you stupid democrats. You fools didn't care about him one bit when he was alive. America sees through your muck ruck fake sympathies.
  • Alife? Retard leave this forum. You and porno stink up this forum with too much stupid. Micsem gets dumber every time you two clowns talk out of your asses. Please go join space force so they can launch your stupidity into orbit and leave earths gravitational pull forever. Space station Darth orange fuck face is were you two ass wipes need to be permanently based.
  • Trump derangement syndrome can cure hate. It got democrats stop hating McCain. Lol

    @redsnapper, go eat some more shit and then kill yourself. Humanity does not need idiots like you.
  • Yup TDS can cure that. It got democrats to love the man they once called a racist and a coward when he ran against Obama. Ironic because in their blind hatred for Trump they now love and respect McCain.
  • First the flag went down, then it went up, the rest of the flags around dc stay down. People start asking what’s this retarded thing going on at the whitehouse with the flag? Then it went back down. Conclusion: orange fuck can’t make up his mind. Ass clown trump turds.
  • The flag misspoke. Hahahaha Space Force
  • the greatest misrepresentative American democracy in display, commander crybaby with a tantrum that of a baby who whines and look for attention...such naivety and childish actions
  • Trump derangement syndrome can also cure democrats to respect the flag. How amazing is Trump. Curing hate and restoring respect of the flag amongst democrats.
  • Your orange fuck capitulated. Hahahaha
    The flag misspoke. Hahahaha

  • Go ahead and look it up in the dictionary trump turds. The flag misspoke. Hahahaha
  • Hahaha Rastaman you are one funny guy.
  • Hahaha Rastaman you are one funny guy.
  • No no the guy eating shit and forgetting he hated McCain is the funny one. =)
  • No, McCain's real legacy consists in his votes for the US to go into perpetual war.

    He was very consistently pro-war. He was consistently pro-US empire. He was consistently anti-women, anti-choice and consistently anti-environment but you wouldn't know that from looking at the biased, unreliable mainstream media.

    "John McCain is part of the deeply militarized crisis we find ourselves in the global stage today. John McCain was no less than a regime change fanatic. He outright supported bombing Syria to oblivion, escalating intervention in Afghanistan. [He supported] military intervention even in places like Bosnia and Nigeria and regime change in North Korea. He is a person who, when protesters descended on the Capitol building to protest Henry Kissinger, he called them low-life scum and called to get them arrested.

    McCain was also in favor of the Arizona SB 1070 law, passed in 2010, which requires aliens older than 18 to carry proper identification at all times. Violation of SB 1070 is considered a federal misdemeanor crime, and the law is believed to be one of the strictest anti-illegal immigration measures passed in Arizona around the time.

    "McCain has been in favor of a border fence [between the US and Mexico] and [has been in support of] criminalizing immigrants and militarizing our borders.
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    @AntiColonialist, well said well said. Sadly these liberals forget these things all because of their blind hate for Trump. They have no principal.
  • So is the flag over the Trump House at full-staff or half-staff today? What has Fox News ordered Trump to do. lol
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