German Economy Minister: Trump's Tarrifs & Sanctions Destroy German Jobs And Growth


Today during a press conference the German Minister for Economy whined that TRUMPS tarrifs on Germany and sanctions on Iran are hurting his country's economy. I say good. That's what they are intended to do. Unless Germany level the playing field and mirror the same import taxes as the US has on their goods it won't be lifted.

Whats more ironic is that now Germany is defending Iran against the US. The same Iran that has no religious freedom and according to their laws homosexuality is punishable by death.

German is run by a liberal government. Liberalism means progress and inclusion and that same sex marriage is ok and that religion stays out of politics. But in this case the liberal government of Germany takes the side of regressive Iran and sharia law. Whats more ironic is that The democrats/liberals in the US are also on the side of Germany.

Claim to be for progress but when the time comes to do some actual progressive things both Germany liberal party and US democrats bulk and side with Iran. While Donald Trump the man they claimed to be a homophobe is leading the charge against a country/Iran that kills homosexuals.


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