Chuuk can dictate its future within the Federation

I am not a Chuuk voter but I do have Chuukese friends--some for secession and some for the status quo. Those of us who would like to see the FSM to remain politically intact as one political unit in freely associated states with the US, here are my wish:

I would like to see Chuuk to remain in the federation, if for anything else, it's because of the uncertainty from the situation as expressed recently by the FSM Ambassador. Even if Chuuk tried to play US against China, it will not work. US will not allow China to enter the region with bad intention, namely, to under the US security interest in the region. The "denial-right" concept is part of the Compact that has no ending except if approved by both the US and the FSM. The Compact negotiations that are coming up or being contemplated do apply to some Articles but not all Articles are subject to negotiations.

FSM is strong and can be stronger and its citizens benefit more if the 4 FSM states were tp stick together. Given its size of population and its large number of Senators in the FSM Congress, Chuuk can play a big influential role on how the FSM is governed.

One of the possible ways for Chuuk to assert its influence on the FSM politics is for the members of the Chuuk independence/secession group to establish a sort of political party. It's mission is to recruit and support Senators to the FSM Congress who share the same concerns--concerns which are the reasons why the movement for independent/secession has coalesced. If Chuuk had enough new Congressmen who are willing to change the priority of the FSM national government from centralized focus to decentralized focus--by providing more attention to the states--that will allow the Federation to grow and promote internal peace among citizens and states' leadership. I think it can be done. The political system, the FSM Constitution, allows it to happen. It's all there for the taking. Just some thoughts.


  • Mark, as an American, is there really a genuine belief that Chuuk is trying through its Independence Movement to "play China against the US?" Mark, most of the Status commissioners are graduates of US colleges, and they have families who are US citizens or are residing in the US. The truth is that most on the Commission would want a non-aligned military status on the international stage, but economically engaged with all the partners. We should try to suggest changes to the existing world and regional orders that are proven inadequate to our individual situations. A Compact relationship that is primarily based on perpetual US military interest in exchange for shifting and uncertain economic assistance and a self-serving FSM constitutional framework is not enough for Chuuk's perpetual survival.
  • Which of the two military and economic superpowers have no military interests in Micronesia, the Pacific for that matter.
  • All geopolitical powers do have interest in Micronesia and the Pacific: China, Russia, Australia, India, US. However, the US currently has the upper hand. Under the Compact for the 3 Micronesia nations, the US got the island governments to grant the US the exclusive "denial right" to our waters. As such, the US can deny entry by any of the countries' ship to our Micronesian waters.

    This "denial right" is expected to remain in place "indefinitely" or until two countries both agree to terminate the Compact. So if the FSM wants to terminate but the US says no, then, it is no; and vice versa.

    In the case of Palau, it's Compact is for duration of 50 years; so Palau will decide when the 50th year comes around in about 2044 as to whether it would continue to be freely associated with the US or not. Given that many Palauans are living in the US, it's expected that the Palauans will approve another Compact which would give the same rights and access to the US, etc .

    For FSM and RMI, the Compact's Article dealing with economic or financial assistance is subject to negotiations. However, the provisions dealing with US military's right to the region and the principle of "denial right" will remain indefinitely. Long answer to a short question: everybody want a piece of Micronesia and the Pacific, however, the US has beaten everybody to the punch; as it has already gotten UN-observed plebiscites as evidence of our freely chosen self-determination.
  • Taxi, please note that "marc" is a Micronesian, not an American. Thus, his interest in the FSM matters is based on his support for the future of his Pohnpeian children.

    I apologize if I misunderstood something but many posters in support of your Chuuk independence's posts made mention of Chuuk turning to China if the US were to not allow Chuuk to separate from the FSM.

    I still think that given the quality of people in your group, there is no reason that you cannot develop political strategies, including establish a formal political party, that will carry the banner of making changes, radical changes, to the ways that things are being done at the national government. I would bet that if you were to work to change the FSM from within, you will get a lot of people to support your group, including the US government. Just my thoughts.
  • Well said, marc. I agree with you that the FSM CAN change how the four states interact with the national government. As the largest of the four states, Chuuk can take the lead to enact those changes. If necessary, the FSM constitution can be amended and improved with the consent of the voters.
  • Too much talk. Just leave FSM already. Tired of hearing your complaints. For a state that received .50 of every compact dollar, really why are you complaining? It’s not that you’re not getting your share. You really are getting more than your share of compact money. The state’s problem is and has always been corruption and mentality of for me only and not for the collective good of all chuukese. It’s a damn shame if you think about it because the corruption hurts the really poor people of chuuk.
  • Chuuk State current situation is a results of the leaders own making. I am an employee of the state and I see corruption, from top to bottom. What the leaders want boils down to absolute control of whatever money they get from outside. Secession in not going to solve the problems rather it will worsen the situation. The ordinary citizen of Chuuk will suffer greatly, but the leaders will live like kings. Members of the commission have already signed deals with the Chinese and believe me there are documented evidents of this.
  • while you are arguing back and forth, the nation had just reaped surpassed $70 million from NORMA collection and not to count the NRA collections in millions no to mention the normal tax we stand to be stronger and better in our future, think about it!
  • errr, that is good information. We can truly become independent soon. Vote out the compact and run our own government.

    Marc, here is the termination clause of the compact:


    Article IV: Termination

    Section 441
    This Compact maybe terminated as to any one of the Governments of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia and as to the Government of the United States by mutual agreement and subject to Section 451.

    Section 442
    This Compact may be terminated by the Government of the United States as to the Government of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia subject to Section 452, such termination to be effective on the date specified in the notice of termination by the Government of the United States but not earlier than six months following delivery of such notice. The time specified in the notice of termination may be extended.

    Section 443
    This Compact shall be terminated, pursuant to their respective constitutional processes, by the Government of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia subject to Section 453 if the people represented by such Government vote in a plebiscite to terminate. Such Government shall notify the Government of the United States of its intention to call such a plebiscite which shall take place not earlier than three months after delivery of such notice. The plebiscite shall be administered by such Government in accordance with its constitutional and legislative processes, but the Government of the United States may send its own observers and invite observers from a mutually agreed party. If a majority of the valid ballots cast in the plebiscite favors termination, such Government shall, upon certification of the results of the plebiscite, give notice of termination to the Government of the United States, such termination to be effective on the date specified in such notice but not earlier than three months following the date of delivery of such notice. The time specified in the notice of termination may be extended.
  • Yes, the Compact can be terminated and the procedure for it is provided for as noted by "ms2014". However, I would say that if it is not mutually terminated--meaning it'll be discussed with the US first-- then, the Compact for FSM and RMI shall continue indefinitely. Also, if the US wanted to terminate, it also needs to notify FSM or RMI; and the procedure is also spelled out.

    But as long as termination is not pursued, most of the provisions of the Compact would remain in place except those provisions that will be expiring by their own terms or deadlines. Financial provisions is subject to renegotiations while other provisions and Titles are not.

    So it is different from Palau's Compact which, it is my understanding, will be terminated in 50 years--on about the year 2044. If Palau wants to continue the freely-associated relationship with the US, then, it will have to negotiate a new Compact with the US. But the FSM does not have to do that unless it chose to exercise its right to terminate and the US would mutually agree to it. Just some comments by a cynical Micronesian.

    So if Chuuk wanted to pull out of the FSM or does not want to be affiliated with the US, I am assuming that it has to ask the FSM first. And if the majority voters--from all 4 states including Chuuk--don't approve of Chuuk's pulling out, then, what? FSM people will have to agree to terminate the Compact with the US; and only after that will Chuuk be allowed to go its own way. Is there another way? I am sure our lawyers will be able to sort that out.
  • So it seems the independence commission needs at least 2 plebiscites as it strategizes for its future? One is for Chuukese only--to determine whether or not they want to break from the FSM and pursue a different course.

    Second, is a plebiscite to be called by FSM to determine whether the majority of the FSM citizens (Yap, Pohnpei, Kosrae and Chuuk) would agree for the FSM's Compact with the US to be terminated--which, if approved by the voters and based on US-observers, will then allow Chuuk to go its own way.

    But it also means all the FSM states will no longer operate under the Compact with the US; and all the FSM citizens could be deported by the US to their respect islands. And all the access to federal programs and funds will stop. Or, what? Given that scenario, is it really conceivable that the 3 other states which have not expressed any inclination toward independence be willing to agree for termination of the US-FSM Compact--for the sake of Chuuk's commission? Maybe it's possible; or maybe not. Chuukese of the past generations and plebiscites, those who chose FSM Constitution, their wishes and aspirations for a future stable lives within the FSM Constitution--where are their ghosts and spirits as the new generations are taking a different route.
  • Oh my gosh, do you guys believe that US will give-up FSM just like that? Long story, short, NOPE! So many blood shed back then. They have their Dads, Uncles, Siblings, and Sons fought for these lands and ruled over the other Nations.

    Bottom line, Chuuk State cannot go on its own ways. They will lose everything from the compact.

    Bunch of Hypocrites. That's just my own point of view.

    Marc, tidy up this discussion room. It's a bit messy up in kamwakelda nan perewet...Kaselehlie maing ko...
  • Once chuuk is out the reputations of the remaining fsm states will improve greatly! People around the world will look at the remaining fsm states with an ounce of respect!
  • There has been discussion in this forum about The Mortlocks being disgruntled about the distribution of wealth within Chuuk. If there is a strong feeling that region is not getting its fair share of the money pie, will it's leaders pushed for separation from Chuuk? And if this happens, will the proponents of the independence movement refrain from blocking then desire of the Mortlockese?
  • microspring, don't be an idiot g...I merely pointed out that the topic is of interest for Chuuk to dictate its destiny within our nation's resources and that is because she has 6 congress members, don't be that silly....use your maneuvering like you stated.
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