Micronesian Mythology

Thousand years Before Foreigners, The arrival of western culture alongside the introduction of it's disease, & Christianity.There was the ancient religions/mythology throughout Micronesia. Each island nations had their own vision of such. Varies of both supreme Gods to deities(Polytheism). Creatures. Demons. Spirits. Monsters. Creation& realms of Heaven or the underworld. Et cetra. Today modern Micronesians are highly influenced with Christian induced values. With the transition of our belief. We no longer practice certain traditions as it fades with our ancient religions. Is it truly gone? The old Micronesia has either left or replaced, Adapted nor shockingly still linger as her children aren't interested to return to their roots but rather take approach to different aspects of life in a modern era.

(Short glimpse of the Marshallese version of their ancient religion/Mythology's creation.)
[THE BEGINNING OF THIS WORLD As told by Jelibor Jam,Kuwajleen 1975-''In the beginning there were four posts.They remained there.And the post in the east fell down and made the sky in the east.And it was given the name Lokomraan.It remained a short while,And the post in the south fell down to make the sky in the south.It's name was Lorok.A short while later, the post in the north fell down to make the sky in the north.It's name was Lajibwinamon.It remained a short while,And the post in the west fell down to make the sky in the west.It's name was Iroojjirilik.The sky was very foggy.It remained there,and two men appeared from the sky.The name of these men Lowa and Lomtal.And Lowa made the islands with his voice.He said ''Lowa and reefs''.And there were reefs.And lowa spoke again,''Lowa and rocks'' and there were rocks.And he spoke again,''Lowa and islands.'' And there were islands.And he spoke again, ''Lowa and human beings''.And there were human beings.The sky Remained foggy.One could not see afar.]

If you have knowledge about your island's ancient myth and legends pls do share.We micronesians have left that part of history behind but it's vital we do not forget who we once were and easily replace the culture our ancestors placed upon us.


  • As an atheist this to me is all but ancient superstition. However I can't deny both the culture and history of my ancestors. Mustn't forget where I descended from.
  • Every culture has their own origin myths, which were developed before the knowledge of science especially physics, astronomy and chemistry. DNA genealogy testing has helped us understand our roots and ancestors who sailed to and populated the Pacific Islands. And the visitors, whalers, beachcombers and missionaries who added to genetic diversity early on. In many families, as in mine, DNA genealogy testing will provide surprises of your heritage shown by science, and that your ancestry may not be what you think it is. Or what you were told. Of course the origin myths remain entertaining stories and should remain part of our cultural history, but as you say, the old religions are long gone.
  • MrNobody905,
    Where can i get more on Jelbur Sam's creation story?? Pretty interested.
  • @La_Hilary/Greetings Kinsmen I've left a reply in your Inbox go have a look.

    @Suzuki/I could be wrong. There Might be clans or group of individuals out there worshipping the old religions in secrecy. Only recently I've discovered entirely new studies that sheds light against what I've previously learned. Been told all my life that my people in RMI weren't that superstitious. Now there's new information to go in depth into what we once believed. It's the disinterest that Micronesians today choose to ignore the old religion and replace it with one that was introduced from foreign visitation during the sixteen-seventeen hundreds. Science has always been there even alongside our time of ancient pantheism, History and way of life. They coexisted through time.

    Yes agreed DNA is amazing,we can thank the early scientists for discovering it. A powerful understanding into how our specie came about. Being a mix breed is a great thing. Gives a benefit to learn other culture and history beside the one you predominately grew up with. it also gives another reason to be more proud and overwhelmed by pride. Despite Micronesians being in low numbers DNA has also point out that there are actually more of us living throughout Se Asia. Our close cousins.
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