• Stupidest poll ever.
  • PawnStar...please explain
  • Culture appropriation thats why. One people one ocean so how can they steal each others thing? The ocean does not separate us, it unites us.
  • Porn star bows down to Putin’s bitch.
  • Wait for star is about to pull black mamba out of his ass.
  • @Pawnstar/Agree with you 100%.All seaferers worldwide are equally amazing.Its just there are those who'd boast and rub it onto others.Its equivalent to Stephen hawking's quote "Those who boast about their IQs are losers".
  • For those who doesn't know(which we all should by now).Mau Pialug was undoubtfully a true master navigator.The greatest islander who's ever lived.Without him the Polynesian reanaissance would've been meaningless.With no one else to teach navigation in their region as its all been lost/forgotten/distorted due to colonialism and christianity.They turned to Microensia.There in the outlier of Yap on an island of Satawal Master Pialiug was found.From there he's given the knowledge to the pollies regaining their lost tradition.This sense of pride and achievement spread throughout their islands.Today most Polynesian way finding are all based off The Yapese star compass.His story is passed down from generation and will continue to do so.Books are being made as well with movies(like the recent Disney's Moana that displays his navigational techniques).

    His last wish was for us all to not forget who we are.We must preserve our ways of life.For our future grandchildren to look back and have pride in.

    (Quick side history-They turned to the Marshallese for guidance prior of finding Mau but we turned them down as our secrecy of Way finding was never to be broken).

    With such admiration for him I've started to write a book mainly about his star compass.
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