Supreme Court Deals Another Blow To Democrat And Labour Unions


In one week SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The U.S) has deal 2 blows against the democrat and their agenda. 1-Travel ban is legal, and now SCOTUS has deal another blow in ruling that Labour Unions can't collect fees from people who aren't members of its union.

If you’re not a union member, you shouldn’t have to pay dues of any kind, according to a new ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit by Mark Janus, a government employee in Illinois who didn’t agree with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees agenda, and therefore didn’t want to pay the union’s dues. Today, the nation’s highest court issued a 5-4 decision in support of Janus.

It’s bad news for unions, which often ask non-members to contribute financially to collective bargaining efforts they might ultimately benefit from. But the “free-rider” argument was not sufficiently compelling to the court because Janus didn’t agree with initiatives the union was bargaining for.

“Forcing free and independent individuals to endorse ideas they find objectionable is always demeaning, and for this reason, one of our landmark free speech cases said that a law commanding ‘involuntary affirmation’ of objected-to beliefs would require ‘even more immediate and urgent grounds’ than a law demanding silence,” wrote Justice Samuel Alito in the final opinion.


  • Make that 3 blows to the democrats. Now states can tax online companies. Oh yeah one of the justice on the supreme court is retiring and Trump will get to pick another Conservative to fill that spot. Conservatives will still be the majority in the SCOTUS for decades to come.
  • At least we know judges are smart
  • You Don't get it redsnapper, Kennedy was the changing vote in all of the major decisions. He voted right and left. With him gone the and trump nomination getting confirmed via nuclear option the conservatives will be 5 while democrat leaning justices will be 4. Appointed for life should be a ringer here.
  • Don't be surprise if abortion will be made illegal in the coming years under Trump.
  • Please explAin how the Supreme Court will over rule their previous ruling that it is constitutional? I’m not trained in legal matters but you seem to be an expert.
  • I wonder why lying chuck Schumer said in a interview that we can't have and confirm a nominee to the supreme court who can't abide to Roe vs Wade (abortion ruling). And it will not the first time SCOTUS has overturn previous rulings. Haha

  • Liberals are in crisis mode now with this happening. Kennedy was the major swing vote in the SCOTUS now with him gone the balance will swing to Conservative with 5 members vs 4 socialists. Haha
  • Beware cause the army of Evil has been armed with two weapons of mast destruction, humanity is in crisis therefore humanity must fight back hard. evil and good are at war for justice..#666 and his army.. be prepare!
  • Move on people nothing to see here. Just grabbed pussy bitching and whining.
  • Yes visa thank god that she devil Hillary wasn't elected and her party of devils are not in control. Praise be to god.
  • put on your eye glass to see what's happening cause obviously you don't , Its Trump Era and the country in in chaos! big time
  • The ones inciting chaos are the babies from the left @visafree. The so called party of progress and tolerance.
  • the whole country is in chaos!.. watch the news, open your eyes wide open and try to comprehend whats taking place in plain view.. stop the fake news spreading..
  • You have your democrat party to thanks for the chaos. Now your democrat senators are openly telling liberals to confront Republicans in public. Some much for tolerance being the democrat motto.
  • How can they be blamed, when they're not in control of the government? you blame freak like the weak puppet in the oval office. This is Trump era, whatever going on in the country is of his own making including the scared republicans.. No one else to blame but them the majority party, period!
  • @visafree, you really are stupid. How old are you? Might as well speak Ebonics to you. Your party is inciting chaos ever since losing the 2016 elections. Just babies who are making chaos because they didn't win.
  • election is long gone, so Trump won, so all these makes are his, so the chaos is taking place, are you still blaming the minority party?. you got a be out of your mind or you are to young to comprehend the reality?
  • All these protesters and people wrecking chaos are democrats. The babies lost so they are making chaos. Instead of accepting what has come to pass they still resist.
  • if that's all you have to say?.. always democrats this democrat that. sure sound like sore loser
  • So whos out there protesting and making choas and attacking people who have different views than them? Oh yeah democrats.
  • The citizens, women, schools, private organization, churches even the federal workers.. watch the news man and stop guessing like you usually..LOL
  • All these losers protesting are all member of the party that can't accept the fact that they lost in 2016.
  • Harley Davidson. Obstruction coming
  • Regarding the OP, i agree with the SCOTUS. If you're not IN the union why, for crying out loud, would you contribute to that union?
  • Real funny thing is these unions contribute millions to the democrat party while collecting millions from people who are not even union members and claiming they are doing for their benefit.
  • @Reaper

    Can't argue with you there... that is funny in a shake your head in disbelief kind of way.
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