PawNStaR and Reaper are Right

I have decided that PawNStaR and Reaper are absolutely correct in everything they say. You should also decide that way, red snapper. They are right and I am wrong. I apologize. This is the end of my opposition to their arguments. They are too persuasive and therefore must be right. I am sorry.


  • Another pussy grabbed by the orange sphincter
  • The pathological liar in chief. You really can’t be this ignorant but then again.....lies don’t bother some people.
  • On behalf of the SLWF (Slapping Liberals With Facts) movement i accept this apology from my dear friend @SaremChuuk. They say the truth shall set you free and from the looks of it has done exactly that.
  • @SaremChuuk, also you are liar. You claimed that asylum seekers are being detained at the border and their childrens taken away. Just did a littlr research on that and talked to a buddy who works for Homeland security in Guam and he says you are full of shit. According to him those who seek asylum are not arrested since they are not illegally in the country and their childrens are not separated from them.

    Like i said you watch too much CNN.
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