Trump To G7 Nations: The Era Of Taking Advantage Of America Is Over!



Trump arrived late and left early during the G7 meetings in Canada. The Group of Seven (G7) is a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries, with the seven largest advanced economies in the world,[1] represent more than 62% of the global net wealth ($280 trillion) {}. He left with a resounding message to the other countries. That message is that the era of America being taken advantage of by the others is over.

Trump is right on trade

The entire trade in the G7 is lopsided against the U.S. while America has a 2.7% on German Cars the Germans have a 10% tarrifs on American cars. For every 1 car America sell them they sell America 10. Germany makes billions and billions of dollars from trade deficits with America yet for decades haven't been paying her fair share of the NATO defense obligations. Germany has a $3 trillion GDP, yet pays only 1% to his defence budget. Why? Relying on America to do that for her.

America’s trade deficit in goods with Japan is higher than with Germany: $70 billion in 2017. For every one car America exports to Japan, Japan sends us over 100. High non-tariff barriers, including a complex regulatory system, make it difficult to sell American cars in Japan. Meanwhile, Japan slaps tariffs on a wide range of American agricultural products — as much as 32 percent on oranges, 50 percent on beef, 40 percent on various cheeses and 58 percent on wine.

As for Canada, which has been most strident in its criticism of the United States, it has for decades dumped its lumber into the United States, threatening lumber industry jobs in Alaska, Oregon and other states. It erects high non-tariff barriers that harm our wheat and barley growers and place United States beer and spirits exporters at a disadvantage. Wisconsin dairy farmers know all too well that Canada unfairly manipulates its dairy prices to protect its dairy farmers, hurting United States dairy exports to Canada and other markets around the world.

Its is time for these countries to realize that the era of taking advantage of America is over. Trump has but 2 goals.

1)First, trade must be not only free but also fair and reciprocal. American tariffs are among the lowest in the world. Our generosity and free market good will has only led to a huge trade deficit and the transfer of wealth abroad.

2)Second, President Trump reserves the right to defend those industries critical to our own national security. To do this, the United States has imposed tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. While critics may question how these metal tariffs can be imposed in the name of national security on allies and neighbors like Canada, they miss the fundamental point: These tariffs are not aimed at any one country. They are a defensive measure to ensure the domestic viability of two of the most important industries necessary for United States military and civilian production at times of crisis so that the United States can defend itself as well as its allies.


  • Now here come red snapper and sarem chuuk defending these other countries taking advantage of America.
  • i Can see the stormy clouds of obstruction of justice coming. Orange sphincter licker porno can’t stop it. Mueller is the man making orange baboon throw out all these obstacles. Won’t work. No one is above the law.
  • is that why we are now having inflation everywhere?
  • @Dezi, no. The US economy is doing good. Obama along with Hillary both predicted that the US economy and jobs will all go down under Trump. But the opposite of that his happening.

    Now the democrats are defending the other G7 countries. The EU has a trade surplus of $151 billion yet spend only 1% of that in its defense. While the US pays 4% to their defense. Canada has 200% tarrifs on US milk for years while US only has 2% tarrifs on theirs. Same thing with Germany and Japan.

    Inida which is not part of the G7 has placed massive tarrifs on US goods foe years while America has again 2% tarrifs on their goods.

    They get rich on trade surpluses while the US accumulate trade deficits. Trumps sole message is this. Put down your barriers on our goods because we have only 2% on yours. Make it fare if not we/America will play the same game with the same rules you guys are playing with.

  • Reaper, everything you said is not accurate ,this is a trade war created by Trump himself, without knowing what's going on he is actually isolating the USA from its allies in trade, right now many of his own Republicans are condemning him for treating Americas allies harshly during the G7 summit America now in the eyes of its allies is becoming a foe and its a bad position for America to be. Only Stupid Trump think otherwise, he is a real puppet for Putin as the world sees it.. No Good!!
  • @Reaper, where are you getting this kind of information?
  • Dezi: Reaper, just like his Atomwaffen compatriot Panzie, do just like Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf. They just reach around and pull this shit right out of their ass.
  • Don't mind me butting in but my friend @Reaper is right. Trade between the US and many countries including those others who make up the G7 is unfair towards the US. That has been going on for 30 plus years. All the facts support this. Numbers don't lie. But men do, especially factless liberals.

    CNBC-Trump is right about trade and Merkel needs to do something about it, former German state secretary says

    Forbes-Why Trump Is Right On Tariffs

    Most of the trading partners that the United States has deficits with fall into the first two categories. The two largest are China and Japan. Some of the largest deficits are with countries in the last category. They include Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

    Left:What countries make on exporting goods to US. Right:What US makes on exporting goods to countries below.

    1.China - $636 billion traded with a $375 billion deficit.

    2.Canada - $582 billion traded with an $18 billion deficit.

    3.Mexico - $557 billion traded with a $71 billion deficit.

    4.Japan - $204 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit.

    5.Germany - $171 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit.

    Numbers don't lie. Men and women do, especially liberals.
  • How is that these countries make more than exporting goods to the US while the US make less when it export good to these countries? Its simple they have laws/tarrifs against US goods entering their countries. While the US has none on theirs. These countries do this to protect their workers and their economy. Now that Trump is going to do the same thing they are doing he is the bad guy?

    @Visafree, actually Trump knows about this than anyone. He gets raw intel on the economy and our trade deficits with these countries. The CIA has a division that is dedicated to the US economy and our trade balance sheet on any country in the world. So does the State department. And Trump gets briefing on this everyday.

    No one is your ally or friend when they take advantage of you. The Republicans in the senare who disagree with him on this are a minority, maybe 5-8 VS the other 40 republicans in the senate who agree with him.

    Germany will give in to Trumps demand so will Japan and Mexico and Canada and China. The biggest economy in the world is still the US. And will remain so for the next 100 years. Apart from China, the other countries depend more on the US for their defense. Mexico also rely on the US for defense.

    In the end they will come to Trump hand behind their backs like Kim and North Korea did.
  • Actually, other countries make more on exports to the US than we do with exports to other countries because we buy more shit than anyone else. Conspicuous consumption is our motto. If you don't have it, buy it. Buy it now. Especially if it is made in China.

    We buy this stuff because we like cheap stuff. That's it, doofus brain.
  • LMAO!!. Yeah right!! like he like to listen to anybody but himself and his master Putin?.. its hilarious indeed to hear something like... Trump listening to intel briefing?.. nah!! never in this admin, Trump is too busy with his own little war with the FBI n DOJ,,how can he be listening to intel when he hate it? need to get your fact straight because it isn't true, what you
  • @SaremChuuk said: " Actually, other countries make more on exports to the US than we do with exports to other countries because we buy more shit than anyone else".

    The facts and data says otherwise my liberal friend from the alternative universe where feelings are taken for facts.. At the Top of this discussion you will see that these countries have placed stiff tarrifs and custom duties on US products entering their country, take canada for example, its has a 200% tarrifs on US dairy products. While the US has 2% tarrifs and custom duties on their products entering the US.

    And @Pawnstar you were right. The liberals have come out in force to defend the other countries taking advantage of the US. What do liberal socialists know about economy anyways? Economic experts agree with Trump feelings agree with liberals.
  • @Visafree, you need to stop sucking on CNNs fake d*ck like @SaremChuuk and @redsnapper.

    It was those same intel briefs that led him to declare the G7 is taking advantage of America.

    And again please stop sucking on CNNs fake d*ck. Its bad enough that @SaremChuuk and redsnapper are sucking on it. You get the balls, redsnapper the shaft and Sarem the tip.

    Its always entertaining to see liberals talk about the economy. Socialism and logic don't go hand in hand.
  • Obstruction in the stormy clouds coming
  • See here he comes to help his friend suck that D.
  • I have absolute power to pardon myself. Sphincter says. Mueller says fu dotard.
  • Still sucking that D i see. Is Sarem with you too?
  • Well, CNN and the rest of the news medias are one the same page saying the exact same thing unlike what the fake Fox news and you PS are spewing in here? you're a misleading fool you know that?
  • ObStRuCtIoN......,,,stormy shit indeed.
  • @VisaFree, like what? That is ok to take advantage of America? That America products should get tarrifs at higher rate while foriegn products should get 2% rate tarrifs? CNN is the biggest fake news peddler there is. Couple days ago they agreed with Trump on trade now they disagree. Shit. Thank god CNN is terminal news and not taken seriously. Only those who love make believe watch CNN.
  • Trade wars with all our allies. While the fed is raising rates as inflation is showing its face.
  • $50 billion in tariffs by orange sphincter. China calls him on it dollar for dollar. What’s dotards next move? Who is better off? America’s farmers are now going to be priced out of China market. European farmers will fill the void. No trade wars there.
  • Current rate of inflation as of May, 2018 is 2.80%, up from 2.07% in January, 2018.
  • Now IRS looking into sphincter foundation self dealing and tax evasion. This shit just keeps piling up. Oh mAnafort sitting in jail. Campaign manager in jail. Private attorney paying off hookers for sphincter will go to jail. The whole trump family will go to jail. Not now, just wait for it.
  • There is no case on Trump or his foundarion being perused by the IRS. This is what they call fake news. And i believe Manafort was charged on tax evasion or something like that related to 2010-2012. Conspiracy to defraud the US i believe not related to The Trump Campaign.
  • Right you are Anunaki, i believe redsnapper sip too much fake news.
  • So you two monkeys don’t think a foundation that’s is double dealing for personal gain isn’t going to raise the eyes of IRS? Morons of the highest order.
  • I agree with Anunaki and Pawnstar. The IRS is not investigating Trumps foundation. There is nothing on it on the cable news or print news. This is certified made up fake news.
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