Israel Defense Minister: " If It rains in Israel, It will Flood in Iran"


A DAY after US President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal Iran elite Military unit the Qud force launched 20 missiles into Israeli positions in the Golan heights. Some if the iranian missiles fell short while others were shot down by israeli patriot anti missile system.

A couple of hours later the israeli military launch air attack on all iranian military installations in iran and destroyed all of them.

In a news conference the israeli defense minister took a page out of Trumps "fire and fury" saying and gave Iran a warning. Saying if the Iranians rain missiles on Israel the Israeli military will make it flood in iran.

Fire and fury was supposed was a book written to undermine the 45th President but it back fired. Fire and Fury is now synonymous with Trumps realpolitik or tweet sofly but carry a bigger button (Talk softly but carry a bigger stick).

The left wing media tried to blame Trump for Iran's missile attack on Israel. They forget that iran stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map and for the last 30 years has lauched attacks against Israel using its proxy forces (Qut force and Hezbollah).

The left wing media chose to be blind od history, a history filled with iran attacking israel. The left wing media is now blaming Trump for this attack by iran on israel.

With the iran deal gone, israel has no restraint and will aggressively go after irans military assests and nuclear RND sites.


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