Breaking News: 7 People Killed In Mass Shooting In Australia

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7 people have been killed in Australia in a mass shooting. The 7 victims are all related. Police in Australia think its a murder suicide crime.

Here is is bigger question, how can this mass shooting ever happen in a country that has banned guns? This is a country where any and every guns of all type have been banned. Again how did it happened?

This is the country many a liberals points to and say: America should be more like Australia and ban guns.

Answer: Criminals dont follow the law. Even in Australia where guns are illegal or banned.


  • Thats not what your sister and mother said last night, reaper. They were actually goooood!
  • But i thought banning guns stop shootings. Guess CNN lied to me.
  • I’m with porno, the more guns out there, the more school shootings.
  • Lol, the wall is going up as we chit chat and Mexico is paying for it. Can you say M-A-GA.
  • You moron. The retaliation tariff on USA goods returns that money to Mexico. Idiot.
  • Can’t stop enjoying talking with doctoral degree retard. Porno using his full brain capacity of 33.3%. And that’s being real generous.
  • Red snapper, IS pork legs is what Mexico placed tarrifs on. Mexico depend more on the US economy/marker than the US on theirs.

    Trump paced 25% tarrifs on Mexican steel and 15% tarrifs on Mexican aluminum. That's close to 90 billions in tarrifs mexico have to pay.

    Mexico placed 40% tarrif on US pork. Thats 3 billion US has to pay.

    Just 20% of the tarrifs Trump put on Mexico would pay for the wall 5 times over. Haha

    MAGA by building that wall. And like he promised Mexico is paying for it. Pobre Mexico.
  • Stormy facts courtesy of sphincter analytics incorporated. CEO Pornstar.
  • Really if you are so stupid and undereducated to the point that some illegal hard working person can take a job you yourself don’t want to do like landscaping or washing dishes or cleaning hotel rooms, then you are an ass wipe legal citizen.. better apply at a Trump U. Contact Pornstar as he is the Micronesia Chapter President.
  • Keyword: ILLEGAL. if you in America illegally guess what you are a criminal. Come here legally and no one would mind you washing dishes or cutting grass or cleaning hotel rooms.

    And again Mexico will pay for the wall. Just like Trump said. Haha
  • Yes, I agree with porno on this matter. The southern states don’t want illegals taking their dishwashing jobs.
  • As you can see 2,626 counties agreed with Trump on illegal immigration. And those 2,626 counties encompass all the 4 corners of the US not just the South. Only 400+ counties disagreed. Majority rule.

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