FSMTC Degradation of Services

Has anyone else been experiencing intermittent speeds as well as internet disconnected notifications even though you are on a broadband connection?

Problems are not only specific to the internet.
I am also seeing lots of issues with the cell network since last Saturday.

What is weird about this issue is telecom sent out a SMS wide notification for an outage in Madolenihnw but it turned out to be the whole island.

What's more is there was no public apology for the system wide outage and no public notification on issues stemming from this outage.

Great Customer Service all around!!!!!! You guys are definitely going to keep your customers once other licensed service providers come a knockin.

In all honesty FSMTC, YOU ARE NOT IMPROVING, you are degrading.


  • Can you guys put back Caller ID already? Tomorrow will be exactly one week since the issue started. This is not Enterprise Class service.
  • Im not the tech type so please bear with me. What about down time? Who compensates for that? I know for a fact FSMTC was going through problems with PUC and all and some of us experienced downtime(no internet). Some outages were also contributed by PUC's also failing service but what about the times where it was the failure on FSMTC's part? Im just asking because they have this automated system that reminds you by e-mail your due date and warnings about automatic disconnection(which works) if you dont pay by the due date. Now if they can have that program installed to assure customers are paying for the services they provide, there still exists a contract between FSMTC and their customers to provide reliable and uninterrupted services. So who pays for down time and why isnt it also programmed into the automated system to offset down time from the monthly billings for customers?
  • @dearhunter. Unfortunately, the situation has nothing to do with the technical side but more along the business end. FSM Telecom clearly is unable to handle and live up to their agreements with their customers. This is not fiction but fact. Furthermore, FSMTC is running so low on funds that they are unable to improve services even if they wanted to. SMH

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