Pohnpei DSL Internet

Does anyone else experience periods where their internet is painfully slow? Without anything resembling an SLA for consumer connections, what's the point of advertising "different data rates". The rates aren't guaranteed and, more likely than not, you are going to periodically be sujbected to excruciatingly slow connections regardless of what you're paying. I'm downloading a system upgrade for my linuxbox and it's clocking between 4k and 9k... that's pretty ridiculous considering this island has a terrestrial connection to the GIG. Oh yeah, and the price is still the same. Super slow? Same price. Fast? Same price. Why even advertise different rates? It's pointless.

Do us all a favor and show some commitment to the quality of your service by providing consumers a min data rate guarantee.


  • xectms, this has been an ongoing issue for years, one that FSMTC continues to ignore deliberately. Good luck on getting any sort of response aside from "they will work on the issue". Unless you have a friend in the upper echelon of the management, good luck. Unfortunately, the term "You get what you pay for" does not apply here.

    In all likelihood, customer satisfaction is the least of a monopoly's concern.
  • @Trackit

    The funny part? It took somewhere near 3 minutes from when I clicked "Post Comment" to seeing the post. I was complaining about slow speeds during an episode of slow speeds... funny now that I think about it.
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