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I know a lot of people in here are fed up with use of this site as a propaganda site for US, right-wing fanatics. I have been engaging this fringe actors and have contributed to the prolonged presence of these threads- for that i apologize.

Having stated the above, given that free speech is a real and palpable thing, is this site, more accurately the "general" category, an appropriate venue for these threads? I want to emphasize the word "appropriate" here. I personally have no issue with them being here but I'm guessing most would prefer, if they are to be allowed, should be moved to their own category so as not to clutter the "general" category for those who would rather not see them. Is this accurate?


  • Oh you weren't complaining when the left wingers were using this forum to peddle their left wing propaganda. Liberalism is a mental disease. Freedom of speech is both guaranteed on the US and FSM Constitution. Let freedom ring.
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    Are we too dumb to notice the gist of the thread is to suggest more categories?

    Left or Right propaganda is not the point, dummy. Posting them in the general category as opposed to in a category created specifically for US/World Politics is the point. If you're too much of a dummy to understand that from the post, maybe you should reevaluate your understanding of some other posts and start bringing along a friend with a functioning brain to help you avoid these embarrassing instances where your ignorance is shown out. They seem to be often and repeated.

    You have a very simplified understanding of freedom of speech, don't you? It seems like everything you read, watch, or hear is broken down into an oversimplification, doesn't it. It's beginning to sound like it might have a mental disorder. Either that or you're just a dummy and will have to learn to live out the rest of your days not really knowing what's going on.
  • Just to clarify (yes, someone misunderstood):

    I'm not advocating a ban on ANYONE or any kind of subject matter. I'm merely suggesting the categories become more tailored, ie. Micro Politics, US/World Politics, etc... So we can go straight to what interests us, avoiding anything that does not.
  • It sound like a libetart whining about others using their right to free speech. I suggest you create another forum and take all the Liberals in here with you. How's that?
  • @PawnStar

    Yes, name calling makes you totally sound like an adult.
  • @PawnStar

    If you can still post on this forum, why would categorizing it with other similar posts offend you so much? Are we just being angry for the sake of being angry, my friend?
  • WTH??

    Who is stalking who now?? SMH
  • Sheesh. Now I'm just embarrassed.


    This is embarrassing but you are exactly right. This has gotten ridiculous.
  • Wouldn't it be funny if the admins for this forum suddenly configured a category named "No one cares" and dropped a gang load of threads in there?
  • The kettle is calling the pot black. Lol
  • @PawnStar

    Doesn't bother me in the least. "I am rubber, you are glue.... " :-D
  • Ernie is doing better then cokkie and the rest??LOL and taking a ziiip, enjoying this converse for a change?,hehe
  • Cokkie? I'm not familiar with the reference. I just figured, considering you are Bert (your chosen icon.. logo.. whatever you call it.. your picture on the side of your posts... :-D), you would be in the know on how Berts doing. Is the yellow puppet Bert, or is it Ernie? Oh, well. You know what I mean.
  • I didn't get the purpose of this thread...
  • no purpose. just another place to meet other challenging
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