3G Coverage

It's been over 4 years since FSM Telecom started providing 3G cellular access to the public. When will they start expanding the coverage outside of Kolonia and other areas?

More so, why do they not have 3G coverage at our international airports? Would it not be prudent for FSM Telecom to provide 3G coverage to visitors who are arriving?

As a frequent traveler, my first thoughts when arriving at my final destination is connectivity? I know a lot of people share the same sentiment.

From experience, Pohnpei's airport has the worst cellular coverage in all of Pohnpei even though you are staring right at the tower on top of Sokehs mountain. You would think they would have improved that after more than 10 years.

Is there a conflict regarding providing 3G coverage at the airport due to the fact that someone :) is already providing free Wi-Fi? If so, let me tell you that the Wi-Fi sucks. I know it is free but that doesn't take away from the fact that it sucks.

So, FSM Telecom, please provide 3G coverage for the airport. It is good publicity for you as well as the fact that it provides good customer service. Something that has been very much lacking for over a decade now.


  • 3G...

    Don't get me wrong. I am not going to pretend to have any idea what they are doing at FSMTC but... 5G is slated to begin rollout in 2019. That's expansion of used spectrum (massive expansion), stable/efficient beamforming, much higher expected throughput with a reduction in latency hovering around a factor of 33. What's my point? Oh, yeah. That's next year, 3G is all fine and dandy but is the intent to leapfrog 4G straight on to 5G or deploy 4G while the rest of the world moves to a architecture that is 1000 times faster with latency hovering at 1-3ms?

    Yes, I know... it all needs to be profit driven.
  • I am all for 5G but if we are being realistic, I doubt FSMTC has the technical prowess to leap frog to 5G.

    In any case, 3g or 5G, which ever the technology, telecom needs to get off its hind quarter and get the ball rolling. Palau is moving in leaps and bounds while we are still stuck in transition waiting for FSMTC to make up its mind on how to move forward.
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