Suggestions for a new forum

If you were to build a new forum...

1. What ground rules would you have?
2. What functionality would your offer?


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    My take on it:

    1. Post to appropriate categories (Micro-Politics, US/World Politics, Culture, Soldier/Vets, Personal ads, etc). Moderators would have the power to move threads to enforce categories.
    2. No language filtering (profanity allowed)

    1. Llive Chat Room section
    2. User ability to disable/delete accounts
    3. Private messaging
    4. Report Abuse
    5. link content to social media

    Anything else suggested?
  • It would be nice to have your actual identity displayed but I doubt that will ever happen.

    I'm all for this xectms. It would be a relief to be able to log into a forum and jump straight to a category of interest instead of having to see news as well as other irrelevant topics.
  • Indiviuals could always opt to use first.last instead of handles.
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