I don't know if anyone else has noticed the handle "APOKALIPTIUS". At first seeing the posts would just make me smirk and wonder. His/her post never seem to have any content to them, at least I haven't found any with any content, and they seem to be inserted in random topics and threads. As I said, at first, I thought... hmmmm... curious. Now? It's become my "where's waldo" side game while skimming through. When I find the posts, it's like, "ahhh...there you are waldo".

I know this thread is useless. It goes unsaid. I just feel like this guy/gal might become the digital version of kilroy. Nahhh... Wait, right? He/She could, right? I mean it's a possibility.


  • I googled the handle. APOKALITIUS is registered a ton of forums. This is definitely something akin to the new Kilroy. Right?
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