Is it true that the chuuk state governor was charged with contempt of a court order?

Is it true that the governor of chuuk was charged with contempt of a court order by interfering with the operation of CPUC? It stems from a case of the chuuk state governor v. chuuk state legislature. This is so embarrassing if indeed the chuuk state governor and chuuk state legislature are going to court.

Ika ke sinei porausan ei chon iwe chona sipwe sinei wenecharan ika men pwuung.


  • It is true. The case has been going on for a while but a recent executive order establishing a new board for CPUC seems to have been the reason for contempt of court action. More coming as I get the official court document.
  • Oh come on, fellows. Why would it be embarrassing for the Chuuk branches of government to litigate their differences, and is not embarrassing for the FSM, the Pohnpei and Kosrae governments to litigate their differences? Try look at these cases: showing branches of governments litigating serious legal and constitutional issues: Urusemal v. Capelle, 12 FSM Report; Kosrea v. 7th Kosrae State Legislature, 11 FSM Report; the Pohnpei State Legislature v. Pohnpei State Chief Justice and Pohnpei State Legislature v Pohnpei Stat Governor cases. And the Donald Trump v. the Russian election tampering investigations? Let's not try to sensationalize the issues; give the process time to sort the issues out. We still have three levels of appeal to go.
  • Taxi-Womw,

    Can you please elaborate on the contempt of court decision?
  • Turth,

    I am still not clear what the contempt is. I have not seen a copy of the court's order, and I was not in the courtroom when the court issued that contempt order orally. (I had recused myself from the case by that time, and I was subpoenaed to testify, but at the hearing, I told the court and the counsels I could not testify because the information they were asking me were attorney-client and executive privileged information between myself as counsel and the Governor as client). Mr Johnny Meippen and Mr Kembo Mida were the parties' counsels arguing the case. I left the courtroom when they were still arguing.

    Johnny tried to explain to us afterward, and he said the order "was that we were in contempt for violating a previous oral order or written order denying our initial motion for a TRO against the defendant CPUC Board, and to refrain us, the Governor, the Attorney General and Mr Johnny Meippen from further interfering with the CPUC Board and management during the pendency of the case. And that a written order would issue later." As of yesterday, I only heard that some people have copies of a written order, but I have not seen one. I am not sure if because I am recused from the case, they do not think I deserve a written copy of that order. I was only given a copy of Mr Mida's brief on the main case, (whether the Legislature has proper authority under the CPUC law to appoint members of the CPUC Board under the circumstances of the case.") But I have not seen a written copy of that contempt order. At our office yesterday, we tried calling the Court Clerk's office and even the Legislature's LC Office for copies, but we did not get through.

    So like most people, our office is still waiting for a copy--if there is a written version. We will see if we can find one next week to fully understand what the court directed us to do or not to do.
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  • O pwata aramas ra fen sinei ei porous me mwen an epwe tori AG taropwe?
  • There could be a mole under the desks. Or some version of russian (chuuk) collusion.
  • Its not that aramas ra fen sinei ei porous me mwen an epwe tori AG taropwe, Its been known for sometime now. It is what it is and truth remains to be seen as the CSL is fixing to do something comes next week. But then again it could all be rumors and nothing but rumors.

    Lets all wait and see what the real reason why the CSL has just finished with their special session as of Friday the 16th of February but the House of Representatives has called for another special session next week starting monday the 18th of February 2018.

    Epwe meta ei a...
  • Ewer, kinisou pwun yesterday, Saturday, uwa kuna copyin an court we contempt order. Mi pwan enet pwe ewe House ika Legislature ra convene ar repwe third special session on Monday, and have heard from members of the House that the contempt order is a potential agenda item for the special session. We would hope the House at least awaits the judicial process to work itself out first, as there are procedures for appeals and or reconsideration first.
  • How can the system settle the differences among the branches without having to confuse the illiterate majority on the current issue involving misconducts? We all know that the executive branch is not alone in acts that bend and bend public policies to the point of breaking. What would be the resultant of casting stones of innocence - if ever it exists? Please don't go asking me if these should be left unresolved through legal and judicial system because there are other venues where confusion can be eliminated and reinstate public trust in our leadership.

    Just worried, that's all.
  • Pwipwi Taxi-womw,

    There is nothing more agitating to me more than a half baked information that you share with genuine concerned citizens who seek to be informed of the happenings in our great State of Chuuk. It also makes me wonder why it is so difficult to at least be upfront about what is going on and what causes these disagreements between these two branches of government.

    Yes, the disagreement between the Chuuk State Legislature and the Executive Branch is based on expired terms of the sitting members of the Chuuk Public Utility Corporation and the fact that an agreement between this Taiwanese/Chinese business (perhaps the same one that is seeking to invest at Anna's Resort in Tunnuk) and the CPUC Board to purchase some solar systems in the neighborhood of $10s of millions at the disapproval of the CPUC Management. Mr. Mark White had resigned and left Chuuk because of the CPUC Board's overriding of the CPUC Management's disapproval of the deal which I might add was politically motivated and it stands to fill so many politicians pockets and will not be surprised if it also include my brothers Johnny Meipen and Taxi-Womw - but this is just pure speculation.

    Now, this disagreement and the sudden departure of Mr. Mark White ignited the interest of the Chuuk State Legislature where further scrutiny of the matter revealed that the term for the entire members of the CPUC Board of Directors had expired and therefore invalidate any decision that is approved by those members on behalf of the corporation. To cut the story short, the Governor signed some executive order reappointing the same members of the CPUC Board to avoid the proper advice and consent of the Chuuk State Legislature and so the gist of this problem and how it has made its way to the Chuuk State Supreme Court. To make matters more complicating, the Chuuk State Legislature appointed a temporary Board which makes coon-heads like myself wonder where did that authority come from.

    My point of confusion - A Taiwanese/Chinese Company wants to invest in Chuuk State, yet wants to sell solar systems to the State of Chuuk for $10's of millions, along with some $750,000 to pay off Anna's Resort... Man this is just getting even more and more complex for coconut heads like mine. Does anyone else smell something fishy here, or is it just me and my limited mindedness.

  • He he he, well my coconut head brother, this is indeed an already complicated case for Chuuk State, and we still have a lot of moving pieces to the whole picture, so we will try to limit our comments in fear of causing prejudice to some of the issues and parties. (i.e (1) the Executive Branch has just filed a Motion for reconsideration and setting aside of the Contempt Order; and (2) the principals have authorized settlement negotiation to dismiss the underlying "nomination case.")

    Two points to clarify:
    1. We are talking about two different Taiwanese companies here: (1) the one trying to match up with the AWM Resort in our Village of Tunnuk is fronted by a Guam attorney and PI consultants and Taiwanese investors; (2) the one proposing to supply solar power to the CPUC is fronted by a Palau congressman and a Taiwanese consultant (and Mr Waite once said in one of his related communications that they are on behalf of a Cayman Island company. I don't know).
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