FSM Government Websites are a mess!! are they being maintained?

Hello Everyone,

I've noticed how some of the FSM websites are not structured very well and are poorly maintained (fail to render images, missing links, late updates, not appealing , texts printed over pictures, etc).
here are some examples:

I've seen some of the FSM websites being re-designed like the FSM DOE website.

Who in the government is responsible for keeping these websites in check and up-to date? Job vacancies should always be updated so people living outside of the the FSM can search for jobs back home. Also, anyone in the forum with Computer Science/Info Tech. degress??? Just being curious....


  • FSM government don't have "maintenance" in its vocabulary!
  • Those websites managed by the Department of I Don’t Care. Very important department in Christians administration. Try Congress’ Committee on The Less People Know about our dirty Deals the better.
  • When you have IBO (information black out), you get most of what you want because people do not know what you are going to do until it is too late. The good thing is that eventually IBO get eventually get you in the end.
  • one example of fsm gov't neglect maintenance is the poor conditions of the road in the center of colonia, yap. the whole Micronesia will be in yap during the summer for the micro games, aren't these top notch leaders do have an ounce of shame in their skulls?
  • good example of fancy policies in place but nobody cares about enforcing it....information sharing platform in the internet is a policy of fsm gov....it is sadly depending on who currently responsible to run it too.
  • Tirow...tirow...

    Interesting that you pointed that out...it seems that the government doesn't care. DO you think govt employees are willing to expose such error to their HR? I don't think so...its a Micronesian mentality to avoid confrontation of poor work ethics and performance. Would others agree with me on this?

    This is what happens when cultural norms get tangled with workplace professionalism. There is no divide. This has been pointed to many times in the past regarding work performance and attendance.

    This is merely just another component of such half-assery that could be characteristic of any government agency.

    Freedom of speech to express such observation, am I right?


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