Mueller Russian-Investigation is DEAD!!!!!


The FBI has lost 50,000 texts that were send between one of the chief investigators in the Russian-Collusion investigations. The texts were send from FBI agend Strzok and a female he was having a affair with who is also on the team investigating Trump-Russian collusion.

The FBI claimed that due to a technical clitch the 50 thousand texts were erased. The clitch happened when a congress asked the FBI to hand them over. FBI agents Strzok was removed by special counsel Mueller when it was discovered that he send anti-Trump messages to his mistress. Stzrok texts also revealed that a insurance policy was taken in the event of Donald Trump winning. Stzrok was also the FBI agent in charge of the Hillary clinton email investigation.

Before the Clinton investigations were conducted Strzok send a text to his mistress saying there will be no charge on Hillary. A few week's later FBI director James Comey said The FBI will not pursue charges on Hillary Clinton. Its not the FBIs job to recommend charges or dismiss cases but James comey did exactly this.

The reason behind the FBI deleting these texts that Congress asked for is simple. If these texts were handed to Congress it will show that the Entire special counsel team investigating Trump are all Anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. This is why the FBI has lost the 50,000 texts and blamed it on technical clitch.

This is not the first time a obama era federal agency has destroyed texts/emails/evidences.

1. The obama era IRS lost thousands of datas when Congress asked them to hand to over when it was revealed that obama era IRS was conducting surveillance on Conservatives and Republicans interest groups.

2. The state department of Obama under Hillary lost thousands and thousands of emails when congress asked for them to review what cost the deaths of a American ambassador and 3 Americans in Libya when terrorists attack the American embassy in Libya.

3. Now the FBI has lost 50,000 texts that Congress asked for when Congress want to look into anti trump biase agentd who are in Muellers special investigation team.

With all these coming to light it is now clear that the Russian Collusion investigations will be ended pretty soon. Now republicans are pushing Congress to release a secret memo that was written by the house intelligence committee that found the FBI did conducted surveillance on Trump. Democrats and their friends in the media are now campaigning to keep the memo from being released to the public.


  • Update....

    Per CNN: Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican leading the committee's Russia investigation, said Friday evening that the committee would consider using the rule — which he believed had never been invoked in the committee's 40-year history — in order to publicly release the memo that Republicans say details FBI abuses of a surveillance law known as FISA. And if the committee votes in favor of making the classified Nunes memo public, the rule states that it's then up to President Donald Trump to decide whether it should be released.

    Democrats and the liberal leaning media are now coordinating narrative that the memo on obama era fisa abuse is not to be trusted.
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  • I predicted this months ago on this same forum. And i was called a racist by sarem chuuk because of this prediction. I work for a federal agency and we liaise with other federal agencies like FBI and what we get is the investigation has nothing.
  • Blah blah blah. Let’s wait on mueller report. Coming soon. How’s the wall coming along?
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    Someone hasn't been keeping tap on this. The entire investigation is compromised. Using a dossier paid by DNC and with informations supplied by Russians to investigate Trump-Russia. Now 50k of texts missing. And like i said then and now its nothing.

    As for the wall ask Schumer and the 33 democrats who caved in. Haha
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    Here we see a group of liberals praying that Trump gets impeached.

    Also pawnstar, red snapper also forget the major reason why Mueller investigation is dead. The investigations are based on a dossier that was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Congress.
  • The wall will be build either we democrats like it or not. Our leaders threw in the towel for nothing. For once i saw my democrat leaders showing backbones but only for 3 days and they gave up. They gave up and got nothing.

    Polls and public opinion got the democrats to show the white flag. The public american public disagree with shutdown for illegals. And the same polls conducted by left and right show one thing the vast majority of Americans believe the Russians investigations are dirty and biased against Trump.

    And i am a liberal voter yet i believe the entire special investigation is all BS make that based on BS.
  • " We’re viewing [immigration and spending] on separate terms because they are on separate paths,” Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Tuesday.

    Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), another member of Democratic leadership, said that although she would prefer a deal to protect young undocumented immigrants be part of budget negotiations, the agreement reached with McConnell could make that impossible.
  • So mueller himself talked to you and said the investigation is done and over? Idiot.
  • Now Trump has agreed to talk to Mueller under oath, something Hillary was afraid to do. Now liberals are asking why Trump want to speak to Mueller under oath. Liberals are saying Trump shouldn't do it. No one trust the investigation especially the American public.
  • Your orange monkey can’t control his mouth. The investigators know how to get people to say shit. It’s their specialty. And they got a clown who won’t be able to control himself and like his tweets, will just get suckered in. What a dumb ass.
  • Obstruction of justice. No ones above the law.
  • Now liberals in the media are saying Trump shouldn't talk to Mueller. They wanted this Now They are are against it. Hahah...6 more years of MAGA.
  • Breaking news....

    The Department Of Justice has recovered the missing 50,000 FBI texts. The FBI said it lost the informations couple of days ago. With the help of a private firm the DOJ recovered the missing information. Democrats and the media are now telling people not to judge the special investigation team of Mueller based on these anti-Trump texts from the lead investigator on Mueller team who was reassigned after his biased anti trump texts were revealed.

    Democrats are saying we must not believe these anti trump texts, from the man who was leading the special investigation team, the same man that lead the investigations on Hillary who wanted Hillary to win and Trump to lose the election.
  • lol....children playing politics.
  • You got that right. The children of the liberal party tried playing with the men of the GOP but couldn't last. The party of cry babies, been crying since 2016.
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  • The same guy who predicted in this forum that Trump travel ban will be implemented, 6 months after that prediction SCOTUS enforced it.

    Saka if i were you I'd be worried since welfare and food stamp and section 8 are going to get less funding for the next 6 years. The lifeblood of the democrat party will be rationed.

    Remember now factsmatter and sarem chuuk and the rest said the travel ban will be deemed unconstitutional yet SCOTUS enforced it. Hahahaha
  • Here is a quote from that link you posted @dearhunter,

    "new report says that President Trump did in fact want Robert Mueller fired, but he backed off when the White House counsel threatened to quit over the order."

    The article contradict itself by stating "wanted" in thr first paragraph and then stating "ordered" in the second. This is just another distraction from the left biased media. Trying to take attention away that 50,000 missing FBI texts have been recovered and that Trump will release a Senate intelligence committee about the FISA scandal obama used to spy on Trump and the American public. Now the media is calling for broader investigation based on unnamed sources alleging Mueller was about to get fired. Key take away is mueller was not fired yet the media the so called 4th estate of democracy want to investigate what never came about because of a unamed source.
  • Unnamed sources in this age are more trusted than named sources and the media has been victim of believing these unnamed sources to the point of fact checking these sources.

    Take CNN which is now pushing this story. CNN said Comey will say Trump was under personal investigations according to a unnamed source and it turned out to be a lie.

    "CNN issued a correction to a story predicting that Comey, who was fired by Trump, would refute Trump's contention that Comey told him on three occasions that he himself wasn't under investigation."
  • I didn't believe the media bias until now. But now i believe it. The recent development that the fbi lost texts that would prove the special counsel team is biased was all over the news but now that they have been recovered the media does not report on it. But when it was missing they reported it. Now all of a sudden they are found the media all came out with these trump wanted to fire Mueller. Distraction? Maybe. But calling it obstruction when Mueller was not fired is crazy.
  • Another liberal that just got woke to the Democrat aligned mainstream media. Good stay woke IronYouth and keep on being woke. Day by day more liberals are getting woke and noticing this and that the investigations were all for nothing. Sooner or later red snapper is going to get woke.
  • Obstruction of justice for your orange monkey coming soon.
  • I just find the situation ironically hilarious because, if the media is calling for a broader investigation, which major medium is immune from the aristocratic influence its co-service providers aren't?

    Another issue is Mueller is a registered republican, appointed by a republican attorney general, who was also nominated by a republican president. Correct me if im wrong, but isnt Trump a republican?

    Naturally, I am confused and I am only risking another trip to the hospital to check on my blood pressure.

    My hats off to you guys for the amazing willpower and in-depth knowledge you guys possess about US politics.
  • @redsnapper i see you are back from fantasy land. The wall is going up and get prepared to go and take a piss on it. Hahah

    @dearhunter, obama extended his directorship at the FBI there buddy. Robert Mueller was head of the FBI during obama selling of 20% of American reserve Uranium to russia. Mueller found the russians were bribing yet the deal was ok'd. Mueller is complicit since he protected the deal.

    9 of the prosecutors are Muellers team which he hand picked made donations to Clintons campaign in 2016.

    There are many republicans who are don't like TRUMP and are part of the establishment "secret society" that oppose trump.

  • Good you know your stuff deer hunter! Unlike porno. Trump was a Democrat then a republican because he knew how backwards ass and uneducated this fools are. Just say stupid shit and hate foreigners and love white supremacists and the so called Christian conservatives and values which are a joke unto themselves Just bunch of hypocrites will endorse you. Now obstruction of justice. Orange monkey won’t say it just fake media. That’s his go to, blame everyone and say fake media. Can’t answer a direct question. Baboon of the highest order.
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    Comey and Mueller are friends and the link between them is Obama. Hahaha


    RS: "Trump was a Democrat then a republican"

    Trump got woke and and saw democrats for the hypocrites that democrats are. When he was a democrat you democrats loved him. Took his money and were blind to his acts. But when he switched democrats all of a sudden became aware of his deeds.

    RS: "Just say stupid shit and hate foreigners and love white supremacists"

    Trumps is such a racist and white supremacists he nominated this African american to be his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

    Trump hates foreigners so much he hires a Indian-American to be his Ambassador to the U.N

    Trump is again hate foreigners so much he hires a Indian-American to be his FCC Chairman.

    White supremacist hate jews yet the so called white supremacists Trump has a Jew holding the job of senior white house adviser. Some white supremacists he is.

    He hates foreigners so much he got 70 visas for 70 foreigners who are working in his hotel. Some foriegn hater he is.

    White supremacist got blacks working on his campaign team. What a racist that Trump is.

    RS:"Christian conservatives and values which are a joke unto themselves "

    We don't need any moral lesson from you or any democrats on Christian values. Democrats lack values and morals and will use Christianity to support democrat views. Democrats are godless socialists, their religion is liberalism. People from the party of Obama who don't believe in god shouldn't talk about Christian values when they have none to begin with.

    RS: "Now obstruction of justice"

    The wall will be build because its factual that democrats have cave in and will vote yes to fund it. While obstruction or russian collusion is a myth and only believed by people who still can't accept they lost.
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