FSM has unfairly kept the states deprived of their share of the national treasures causing a backlash evident today in joblessness which leads to deeper societal issues in front of us. Let's do away with the middle man and control our own borders, safety and destiny!!


  • I truly believe we Micronesians have grown beyond the negative mentality of segregation. The only way to move forward is by working together with our current leaders or with newly elected leaders who are motivated to exact change that is beneficial to all 4 States in terms of growth and prosperity for all.

    If this means a drastic change in the structure of our current leadership than so be it.

    "United we Conquer, Divided we Fall."
  • The process hasn't bear fruit in that old thinking of up keeping with the status quo.
  • We were never micronesians. We are not micronesians. Only in a make believe I don’t know.
  • biz e, why don't you think so?
  • kinen, you mean we are NOT ONE MICRONESIA

    I blv that too
  • I never believe it. The concept was imposed on the individual people as part of the colonization of the islands. It was evident in the manner that the quest for self sovereignty was handled by the people in authority (colonizers) during the 1970s negotiations for local self government and thereafter.
  • My bad, happy New Year pwipwi sinbad.
  • How much has Chuuk State spend so far on the secession movement?
    Why are the commissioners making it sound as if Chuuk State is going thru hardship with the way FSM is allocating its resources?
    Yet our government makes it sound so convincing that we will be better off once Chuuk seceed. They the commissioners says that instead of the money being divided by 4 it will all go to 1 (chuuk). How many Municipals are in Chuuk State? Will the money not be divided accordingly amongst the municipalities? (instead of 4 states, it will be 40 states). How has Chuuk State spread its infrastructure funding? Does it benefit all the 5 regions equally? Or does it mostly benefit the one region Election District 3 other than the other 4 regions.

    The commissioners are so quick to say that chuuk will be better off once it manage its own resources. But they are not really telling us how the state will go about implementing such equally amonst the regions or municipalities.

    Wake Up Chuuk
    The Political Status Commission is bend on seceeding from the FSM that they have failed to educate us the people on the pros and cons of the secession movement. Why are they advocating secession? Is it to benefit all or the few elites.

    How much will the Political Status Commission willing to spend more of the much needed funds for the state to be please. Will it ever be enough? So if Chuuk decides to seceed, how much more will the commission ask for to amokutu things accordingly? If Chuuk failed, Will the commission be dissolved? or will they regroup and ask for more funding?

    Chuuk Chuuk
    Are we really ready to take the step?
    The commission says why Palau but not Chuuk?
    They say that Palau does not divides its resource more than once. Man I heard one of the commissioner say that Chuuk will be like Palau once we seceed because Palau does not divide its rescource (money) amonst states. What a dumass? Does he not realize that Palau is made up of several States?

    And this Paulus commissioner is using his fb and messenger to spread lies about how chuuk will be better off once we seceed. I for one have unfriend the guy, because of his lies.

    What ever Chuuk decides this coming election, I hope it will be prosperious for the state and its people.
    Ika met?
  • "What a dumass? Does he not realize that Palau is made up of several States?"..... Kinisou chuukiss.

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