FSM Citizen living in the midwest and traveling to Costa Rica

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Hello all,

Whoever have traveled to South America (especially central south America) as an FSM citizen living in the mainland--- specifically FSM citizens living in the Midwest, did anyone face any issues RECENTLY entering back into the U.S.?

Did you all need some type of document (s) to take with you as precautions coming back into the U.S. from South America? Appreciate the helpful tips, thank you!


  • You may want to talk to the US immigration and border patrol people. They have the correct and reliable information.
  • Don't ever try to do that. You have a lot of risk doing it. Better yet, travel back home to visit family and return safely.
  • Thanks truth- that makes a lot of sense. I'll speak to US Customs and Border Protection. Y'all say a prayer for me that I can get in touch with someone from there and I'll be able to go to CR. Thanks!
  • Please share with us the answer from Home Land Security.
  • Here's my story: it went pretty smoothly when i came back into the U.S. thru Houston, TX airport. The U.S. Customs and BP officer just took awhile to run the information on Micronesia, which scared the crap out of me. Luckily, he found the information about Micronesia on his computer. I almost peed my pants but luckily he stamped my Passport and I was accepted back into the USA. Praise the Lord!! So far- what i can say is you could travel to South America right now under this current administration. Hopefully, the president and ICE doesn't start picking on Micronesians. As they're about to deport a doctor from Poland living in Michigan on Green Card back to Poland =( He's legally here. =(
  • President Trump has made it very clear that he does not want anyone coming to the U.S. from "shithole countries" like Haiti, Mexico, Costa Rica, and any country in Africa.....countries that are not predominantly white. He only wants immigrants from Norway and other white countries.
  • The Polish doctor in question has been living in the US for 40 years but never think to become a US citizen. He had more than 40 years to become naturalized but didnt. Committed 2 misdemeanor, driving under influence and domestic violence. Ice and trump won't pick on micronesians, cofa is a law in the us.

    Also take note that only one senator claimed trump made the shithole country while 2 other said he didn't.
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    I been to Mexico driving, i came back i showed them my Texas DL .they ask me purpose of visit and search the car
    I never mentioned Micronesia
  • The only reason why micronesians are going across the borders is just to get their i-94's stamped
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