Recruitment in FSM

Hello there... I'm curious how some of you feel about the military recruitment process in the FSM. It seems to me like an unfair process that takes advantage of individuals willing to join the armed forces but then doesn't provide the services and resources promised to them during recruitment. I also feel like there's a disproportionately small amount of assistance and resources for veterans located in the FSM. Am I totally wrong about this? What is it actually like?


  • You should watch island soldier. It will tell you all you need to know.
  • Lol. It’s an all volunteer force. So if it doesn’t work out, don’t re-enlist. Ironic douche leave this forum now!
  • @curiousone, as someone who has been through the recruitment process, I will tell you that recruiters will say and do anything to bag a potential soldier. They have a number or quota to meet regularly which means they have no scruples when it comes to twisting their words to make it seem like you will be entering an opportunity of your choice. That said, unless your scores are high enough, you do not have a great number of choices to choose from.

    My advise for any young recruit is to make sure you have your recruiter specify the actual job you will be receiving at the end of basic training. Also, it doesn't hurt to have your parents or guardians along during your meet with the recruiter. It will basically force the recruiter to comply with your questions.

    Please know that once you have signed your contract to enlist, you are at that very moment, US government property so make sure you are 100% in before you sign.

    Last of all, joining the military is not for everyone but if you want a career and discipline for your life, it is one of the best choices right now especially seeing that our economy cannot sustain all its citizens with great job opportunities.
  • If you enlist in the U.S. military as a Palauan, you may soon be able to serve on Palauan soil, per a recent article in the Marianas Variety with the headline: U.S. Expected To Exercise Right Under Compact To Use Palau Land
  • Watch a few videos in YouTube and now the Army is offering 3 years contract. And the chances of being send to where you put down on your dream duty station are slim to none. The recruiters in the video say if you put down hawaii they will probably send you to Europe. Its where the military needs you not where you want to be according to the recruiter on the video.
  • Free Association Agreement requires Palau to provide land without compensation.

    In July, the United States submitted its proposal to the Palau government for use of several locations to install a series of radar towers around the island archipelago. This comes at a time of heightened tension with North Korea, which recently threatened to fire ballistic missiles near Guam.

    “The radar systems will provide Palau enhanced maritime law enforcement capability in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone while also providing the United States with greater air domain awareness for aviation safety and security,” said a joint statement from the Office of the President of Palau and the U.S. Embassy in Koror.

    Identified locations for air and maritime radar system sites include two designated areas for the air and five for maritime towers.

    The air radars will occupy a large swath of land which will be exclusively used by the United States military. Fifty-five acres of land in Ngaraard State and another 65 acres in Angaur have been designated for these towers. Marine site lots will be much smaller, with an area of 1,000 square meters.
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