FSM Telecom Continues down its Path of Obstructionism



  • Kinen, LeBron deserves to get paid his millions. Please don't compare him to the CEO for FSMTC, it is a total given why LeBron would have a higher salary than trump.
  • Priority or not that is how the game is played at times.
    Some people would love it others would hate it depending on which side one is on.
  • And we wonder why corruption runs rampant and public funds misused.
  • Even in the Red Cross and United Nation Orgs. and elsewhere corruption and funds misused are a daily bonus.
    No one is immune to the glitches of life.
  • So you condone and support it?
  • Kinen, it is exactly that type of mentality that allows corruption and abuse of power to flourish in this Nation of ours.

  • Kinen, it is exactly that type of mentality that allows corruption and abuse of power to flourish in this Nation of ours.

  • You can believe what you believe Snowden _69
    I only state the reality of life.
    No Truth I don't condone it. I just try to understand it. That's all.
  • Snowden,

    I'm not going to disagree regarding the retention of a CEO who is not producing, especially since I don't have any of the facts on it. I'll remain neutral on that one.

    I'm not going to argue whether he should remain CEO or not. However, I still stand by opinion- $2500/bi-weekly for a Telco CEO is very low- relative to other CEO's in the industry.
  • xctms, while I do agree with you that the salary is low considering other Telcos salaries one must consider the fact that FSMTC is a monopoly therefore it should be a given that this corporation would be a continuing success and a flagship model.

    That is not the case now and should reflect on its CEO as well as the board.
  • Has anyone noticed the phone reception on Yap lately? Either you're not getting to the other side of the line or calls being dropped through out a conversation. I heard the culprit is this so called 3G "upgrade" meddling with the phone service. why don't we hold on to the upgrade till we have fiber optic ya'll.
  • Butterfinger, you are correct in your assessment. From what I have been told, every cell phone call has to go through Pohnpei no matter where you are located. If you Yap finally has 3G or is upgrading your 3G, it will definitely impact calls as you have very limited bandwidth over satellite.

    FSMTC is trying to roll out services as a marketing strategy before the liberalization of the telecom market however they are not truly assessing the negative impact of delivering these services without the proper bandwidth support. Yet another poor developmental strategy.

  • Cast the first stone....
  • Yes Sinbad, we are all sinners, some more so than others.
  • Snowden. Lately ive been having issues with calls and ive been blaming my mobile phone all these times till a friend told me about the 3G they rolled out about 2 or 3 weeks ago and that could be the reason.
  • butterfinger, unfortunately, you will continue to experience issues until your fiber link is activity and even then, you may continue to suffer issues.

    As a long time customer for FSMTC in Pohnpei, I will tell you that fiber has brought speed but issues are abound due to lack of technical expertise as well as lack of proper IT support. FSM Telecom continues to utilize a second rate IT contractor with no actual experience in the real world of professional telecom infrastructure, real world cyber security protocols, and foremost the lack of proper high level QOS standards.

    I believe it is safe to say that even with years of operational history, FSMTC is still very new to the enterprise technology arena.
  • Congratulations to Yap for finally getting 3G--even though rolling out 3G in Yap is questionable, considering the bandwidth constraint.
  • Yap was just visited by President Tru--I mean, Christian, last week.

    His visitation to Yap was to observe the opening of the new FSM National Police MSW office in Colonia, meet with the State Leadership, and join the Canoe Festival, among other things.

    The agenda for the Yap State Leadership meeting with the President and his delegation on Dec. 6 included:
    1) The deletion of the United flight from Yap to Palau on Sunday morning effective of January 7, 2018;
    2) The plan of the National Government on the Y-12 Plane; and
    3) Briefing on the Fiber Optic Cable Project for the FSM.

    The President basically told the Leadership that they were on their own and to deal with their issues, and added that he was tired of getting inquiries and questions about the cable project (joking tone aside).
    By the time his presentation was over and the leadership were to ask questions, no one said a thing. Nothing. Nada.

    Guess we know which side he's on.
    Or I'm just projecting (I don't like Christian).
  • If that is the case, why doesn't Yap become a municipality of Guam?
  • That is very unfortunate Aqualen. I have it under good advisement from very reliable sources that the new CEO for FSMTC has been lobbying the President for quite some time now to change certain aspects of OAE and related World Bank conditions which in all likelihood caused the confusion and delays.

    As to which side the President is on, I doubt the CEO was truly successful in his endeavor to sway the President's judgement however FSMTC's continued interference in matters of the government has hampered what should have been a simple project transition and turned into into a nightmare for those involved.

    Good luck because you really do need it. Judging by the continued expenses that FSMTC is piling on, they are most likely going to raise the rates again.

    His continued unorthodox attendance at work doesn't help his case as well as the corporation's.

    While we are on subject of attendance, I was reminded recently regarding the fact that this CEO instigated the one leave policy for FSMTC which took away all sick leave from the employees and left them with an inconsequential annual leave pool for staff to utilize. Instead of this curbing abuse of leave hours, it has actually forced employees to become more resilient in getting away with absences.

    Now why take away accrued sick leave and force the restrictions on staff members when the CEO himself is unable to report to work on a daily basis? If any of you are going to put up the subject of exempt, I would just like to remind everyone that it has been reported that Managers at FSMTC actually do have annual leave and are allowed to cash in this leave at anytime during the year. Now how is this possible?

    All in all, I'm just wondering whether taking away all accrued sick leave is constitutional and if it basically goes against National Government Policy. Can someone shed some light on this?
  • So get this, Palau just rocketed past FSM with the activation of its Fiber this month while Chuuk and Yap stood idly by waiting for what should have been a simple process of having OAE take over bandwidth wholesale.

    So not only is Palau overtaking FSMTC in terms of catering to affordable connectivity but it has also surpassed FSMTC by now providing 4G services instead of 3G.

    Hmmm, did we not see a post earlier year or was it last year that FSMTC could have gone directly to 4G from 2G? I believe the response from Telecom was that upgrades had to be done in increments but I guess Palau has proved FSMTC wrong.

    Hooray for Telecom Management, yet another big tear in the fabric of lies that continue to come out of this organization.
  • So i tried that worhless piece of 3Zzzzzz on my phone the other day bcus i wanted to check work emails. nothing happened. I called telecom and they said it only works on certain mobile phones. That bitch stole my $$$
  • butterfinger, FSMTC has been stealing customers money in Yap, Chuuk, and Kosrae for the past several years. They are charging customers for ADSL rates for speeds that are unattainable and continue to get away with it.

    Perhaps all things will be better once fiber is activated for Yap but don't get your hopes up anytime soon.
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