Construction of border wall has begun!



  • The Trump guy just signed a executive order today which will do begin the demise of the obama care plan.
  • Because he has no new ideas of his own to pursue. Pussy has been thoroughly grabbed.
  • red, I think you should ban yourself from posting until we hear from Forum's Administrator (Sarem Chuuk) why Rastaman was, alledgedly, banned. It's like the Forum has closed one side of the discussion while allowing you to continue to spew out hateful comments that are offensive. And does not allow Rasta or his side to be heard. I'd like to read both sides of arguments--not only one side.
  • Which part? The grab the pussy part? Just repeating your heroes words. Ban myself? Then who’s going to counter president grab the pussy’s loyal idiots in this forum?
  • You really think someone who says the CNMI is a country is someone that should run free in this forum with his/her bullshit and nonesense?
  • Sarem Chuuk, I am still waiting for a response from you or Forum Administrator as to whether or not Rastaman has been banned. If yes, what was the basis for it? I don't really want to waste my time replying to emotional outburst; I'd like to read intelligent discussions.
  • marc, I am not a Trump supporter. Over the past four years I posted hundreds of informative articles about micronesia as well as about America, never posted any inappropriate language, and never violated any posted forum rules. Nevertheless, I too was banned....suddenly and without any warning. Go figure.
  • I think this dude, red snapper, is Sarem Chuuk in disguise.
    Sarem Chuuk, if it's true you are the administrator, please be fair and be a gentleman. I find it disturbing to think you are a fine micro gent yet your mouth runs like a little cute oriental lad.
    Let's rekindle the old yet nicer Micsem.
  • Kuop SC is not a micronesian. I've checked his comments record and he claims to be jewish.
  • Thank you both Iron and red. I only wish we could go back to the days before I was banned.
  • While still waiting for Sarem Chuuk to explain about the banning of some posters in this Forum, I would like to note my uneasy feeling that it appears that this Micro Forum is no longer under the influence of Hezel or any of the Jesuits or individuals who were fair and firm during the MicSem time. It seems to have drifted toward more emotional and political tilt rather than trying to keep an even keel of intelligent discussions among Micronesians and friends of Micronesia--which I felt and respected highly under the strict management of Father Hezel and others who were keeping track of things. I may be wrong. SC can explain; so that we can go back to business of having intelligence-based discussions. That's what I am hoping for.
  • Marc, This is what is happening in schools across California. They tried banning conservative speakers Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter from attending debates in Berkeley College. Democrats students tried banning ben Shapiro because Ben according to them is a NAZI. Funny thing is Ben shapiro is a jew. He is a nazi because he is a conservative according to left leaning students at Berkeley college.
  • This is how america is falling behind. Because democrats want to protect feelings. Berkeley is called the home of the free speech movement but it has fallen because of feelings. The real world does not care about your feelings. Without free speech whats the point of democracy? Banning a pot head like rasta because he hurt your feelings does not improve this forum one little bit. @Sarem Chuuk we need a answer.
  • Then let’s talk about 2023. Honestly there is no more important issue facing FSM than this matter.
  • Yet here you are again commenting on rastamans discussion. Why don't you make one discussion about fsm?
  • Zzzzzzzzzz. Bathroom break. Zzzzzzzzzzz
  • red are you current on your annual screening colonoscopy which is highly recommended by the ASGE because of your great advance in age? That could help you a lot in your brbs.
  • No original ideas ha red snapper? Thats why you always comment on rastamans discussions.
  • Zzzzzzz, yawn, bathroom break, Zzzzz
  • Where is black monkey now that the orange monkey just killed obama care?
  • Yes sabotage the ACA because he couldn’t lead and fix it moron. Now people will die. For what reason? Because spite. There will be a special place I believe for your orange monkey in hell.
  • Like tillerson said, my boss is a f’n moron.
  • "Now people will die" excuse me but i have to laugh my ass off at this utter nonsense. Any evidence to back this up?

    " my boss is a f'n moron" again i have to laugh at this utter fairy tale. Cite a creditable source to back this up also.

    I have gotten over our party lost red snapper and so should you. Maybe in your head Hillary is the president but in reality its trump. Im a Democrat yet im thankful that Trump the Republican killed obama care. Thankful my tax dollars are not being wasted anymore.
  • Tax dollars spent at trumps resorts and a retarded wall. Lol
  • No report of tax dollars spend on trump hotel according to the ethics committee so again utter fairy tale story red snapper. Im a Democrat yet i support the building of a border wall.
  • Obviously your definition of ethics was pulled out of orange monkeys ass. Please tell us how it smells .
  • The ethics committee has not reported any of the claims you made so i call fairy tale on your personal claim. No source to back you up but make up fairy tale. Give us sources please.
  • Burn. Caught you in your bs, and now redirecting the conversation. You suck ironic youth.
    Visit the house ethic committee and see that no charges or accusations about your tax wasted on trump resorts are on it so again fairy tale stories by red snapper the diluted one. Our party lost get over it.
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