Construction of border wall has begun!



  • Back im my days liberal was someone who was for change someone who was for supporting the government but now days it means someone who think they are entitled to something, someone who is easily offended and someone that put feelings first above anything else.
  • Lair? Ain't it being built as we speak? Yes or No. Its the first reds the first. All under 9 months of being elected.
  • Never thought it would be built.
    But in my opinion America needs more to be protected from the inside, than from the outside.
    Free counters!
    Free counters!
    Free counters!
    Free counters!
  • Actions are needed to do both--protect from outside forces and also protect from within.
  • The wall is not the problem, American drug appetite is. You fools! You afraid of housemaids, cooks, and landscaping helpers? Be afraid of nazi loving, orange skinned orangutan compulsive liar. Build the wall will piss on it why cement is still setting and have you heard Mexicans are ordering more ropes to climb over it already! Hahahaha.
  • They're building prototypes ropes already! And remind me who your monkey said will pay? You been bitch slapped with another lie by your orange skinned leader.
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    well, i am just as happy as can be . Build the dam wall! to keep out those drugs dealers , murderer, gangsters, and sex predator out off our communities.
  • It cost the Americans close to 20 billion a year in taxes to support these illegal immigrants. 2 billion a year! Maids, gardeners laborers still illegal.

    And while you liberals were busy getting outrage over nothing Trump quietly killed off another one of obamas legacy. Now employers arent not going to pay for birth control has demanded on them by obamacare.
  • Again Rasta it's true because you say so? Cite your sources, especially the $20 billion. Is it 2 billion or 20 billion? It's bullshit numbers you put up in here that distorts the truth. Much like orangutan when he says Mexico will pay. All bullshit talking.
  • Orange monkey with no ideas of his own keeps working on dismantling some one else's work. It's a shame he should be fixing health care. Oops that failed twice. He should be making Mexico pay, oops that was a lie. He should be deporting all illegals, oops now he is for daca. He should be fixing and comforting Puerto Rico instead of insulting them and fighting nfl and NBA players constitutional right to peaceful protest. You little orange monkeys are clueless and like Rex tillerson says Morons. Hahahaha
  • And what happened to lock her up? You were lied to again. Won't happen. Never will. But it makes the backwards ass supporters scream and cheer at those nazi gatherings.
  • Sorry you are right its not $2 or $20 billion but $116 billion a year. It costs the US taxpayers $116 Billion a year on illegal immigrants.

    Like many have said in here reds obamacare is failing on its own. Major insurers have left it because its bleeding them money. Under trump the US is seeing the lowest illegal border crossings in decades. Now He has given congress the option of eliminating daca or not. A brilliant move.

    The investigations on hillary are still taking place but the media is keeping it out of the spotlight. Obama AG and Hillary clinton are being investigated and Hillary's emails investigations are still open, and now congress is asking for a 2nd special prosecutor to look into it.
  • And while you liberals were busy being outrage trump just ended another obama legacy with regards to afghanistan, Trump has ordered his secretary of defense to do away with the obama "gloves on" strategy. Now the media is catching up with this.

    And ordering employers to pay for their workers birth control is a communist ideal. And obamacare does this but no more. Trump has threw that in the legacy carbage can.

    America, Hell yeah!
  • 116 billion! Annually! 116 billion for people who have broken the law this is mind boggling. And they complain about the wall. I wasn't for the wall but this has changed my mind.
  • You got that right. Liberals want the US taxpayers to pay $116 billion every year for the well being of their voters. 12 million illegals in all. Hundred sixteen billion every year for their illegal popular voters.

    Now they are reacting to trump stopping the obamacare mandate that force employers to pay for birth control. According to California its unconstitutional for trump to stop it. They want free things these liberals. Its my body i can do whatever i want but pay for my birth control why don't you.
  • So how did this new $116 billion get added up? You have lived in bullshit mountain for too long.
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    You are by far the dumbest anti-republican-trump in here. No wonder you are a liberal. First you asked for source now you asked how FAIR came up with this conclusion. Its stated in that link how they came up with $116 billion. You wanted a source well the source tells you that and how they came up with it. Fool of a liberal.
  • someone's pussy has been grabbed too many times. hahhahaha
  • yes, where did the figure come? Your racist FAIR organization. Holy batshit you expect me to trust that bullshit organization? You are Supremely a moron like Rex Tillerson said of your orange monkey.
  • Now fair is a racist organization. Everything is racist when they go against your liberal views right? You are the moron here. The wall is going up, 2 of obamas legacy are in the trash can and you keep focusing on fake stories. Must be a girl always get offended over nothing. MAGA
  • I get it trump lied that Mexico will pay for it. What he meant was morons will pay for it. Hahaha
  • Hundred billion every year and according to another article it will cost the US close to 700 billion in taxes to look after them in their lifetime. Absurd.

  • illegal immigrant arrested for raping 13 year old girl
    Edgar Mendoza, 32, is accused of breaking into a Trenton, N.J. home at about 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 19 and molesting a 6-year-old girl while she was in bed, according to the Trentonian. Her father realized something was amiss when he noticed an upstairs light was turned off, according to the Star Ledger.
  • Americans over 62 millions are willing to pay taxes for a wall than spending 116 billion every year for law breakers and people who are illegaly in the country. Democrats want the opposite to protect their voting base.
  • But who did orange moron promise in his campaign will pay for the 2000 mile long urinal wall?and 116 billion is broken down into what? 1 billion for tacos, 20 billion for tequila.... I bet you love Mexican food and drinks right? Because like most backwards ass trympkkins, they’re all hypocrites. Like when orange monkey posted picture of himself eating kfc with knife and fork! Hahaha. And First Lady Russian talking about stopping online bullying. Simply hypocrisy.
  • And just to compare, Micronesians that commit crimes and they’re legal immigrants. Should we all be deported? Does that make us all bad people? You moron.
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    While you were busy talking out of your ass and gettinf offended for no reason Trump just scrapped another obama legacy into the trash can. Now that makes 15 of obama regulation or like you liberal say "legacy" that Trump has got rid off.

    The first lady is from Slovenia not Russia. You are too obsess with the russian collusion fake story reds. Let me educate you in the differences between Slovenia and Russia.

    I don't like tacos i like burgers and bud light, American made.

    Micronesians are non immigrants all micronesians from the 3 cofa countries are have legal status and can come and go and stay for as long as they want. The micronesians that commits crimes must be deported as stated under the cofa for breaking laws. Micronesians that follow and opey the law have nothing to fear. The illegal immigrants are illegal, they got into the US illegally by breaking federal laws. Micronesians are not on the same status as illegal immigrants. Thanks for proving to everyone that you are a moron.
  • Cofa was signed by the US Congress, its law. It gives us the legal status to stay in the US. Mexico and US have their own agreements regarding immigrants going to or leaving both countries. Mexico and US agreed that mexicans and americans must enter either country legally and if they don't then they are deemed illegals because they broke the law.
  • Yes busy undoing Obama’s work now because he has no ideas of his own. Plus I bet you tried tequila and have tried burritos right hypocrite! And understand Saipan is ethnically all related to spain and thus also the Hispanic people you dumb shit. Your cousins you moron!someone needs to learn his ancestry is from Spain just like the Mexicans. And now your shitting on them.
  • Ideas that hurt the US economically and financially that's why he scrapped them. Next coming weeks he will decertify Obamas iran nuclear deal. All happeing under your liberal noses while guys are busy getting offended over nothing.

    My parents are from kosrae, i was born in saipan so how are the illegals mexicans my cousins? Illegal is illegal. Its against the law. Even american mexicans and legal mexicans don't agree with illegal mexicans. So what if i tried tequila or burritos? What does it have to do with breaking laws? Moron.
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