Construction of border wall has begun!



  • Thats liberals for you anunaky. Always pushing the racial agenda. First it was russian agenda, then statues, then hurricanes, then puerto rico and now its guns.

    Ina chok sorry but fema says the opposite of what you are saying. I will trust fema than a liberal.

    As for the wall its getting build. Again thank you Mr. President and keep on MAGA.
  • Yes, I believe you Rasta because I saw it on twitter too. Plus if orange monkey tweets it, must be true.
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    Videos and numerous sources along with photos and tweets say the same thing my liberal friend reds. The Presient will be arriving in puerto rico and will be helping out not talking like you liberals but actually helping out. Either his own money or handing out foods.
    Helping out in Texas!

    Like it or not the wall is going up. Thank god.
    As of this writing, the Department of Homeland Security has started border wall projects in these locations: the Rio Grande Valley, Texas; El Paso, Texas; Sunland Park, New Mexico; Naco, Arizona; Imperial County, California; and San Diego County, California.
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    From the Governor of puerto rico in a interview. Ina Chok number 3 is for you.

    1. The governor said over 1.5 million barrels of fuel would reach Puerto Rico in the coming days.

    2. He said about half of Puerto Rico now had water supplies.

    3. Federal authorities say more than 10,000 relief workers are now on the ground covering the whole island.

    3. He added that almost half - 47% - of residents had running water and the number would climb to 60% by the end of the week.

    4. Mobile phone service has been restored to 40% of the population although some areas are still cut off from communication.

  • Thanks my American friend.
  • I read up on Dan Rather's news and saw that. I believe Dan, not the administrator of FEMA.
  • On that same link you provide, it said roads are still impassable, eventhough trump said roads were cleared days before he arrived in PR. You are talking about running water while I was talking about clean safe water passed out by FEMA and military personnel.
  • Rastaman, I am sure you don't hang around on micforum all day. Try catching up on Dan Rather and News and Guts, real reporters giving real news as opposed to your news.
  • Notice how Trump told Puerto Ricans that "they can be very proud" that they had 16 deaths and not thousands like in that of the Katrina? Since when did lost human lives become just numbers, like a tally...and having lower numbers mean you can be "proud"?

  • Dan rather the disgraced CBS anchorman who resigned a few years ago due to falsifying papers and reports about Bush Jr? That Dan Rather? Dan Rather who was a major Bush critic and absent during obama now reappear during Trump? That Dan Rather? Dan rather the same guy who was the main speaker at Democrat Fund raiser dinner? I believe FEMA who has men and women in puerto rico not Dan rather who thousands of miles away from puerto rico.

  • That's not what he said. I saw the entire video clip and thats not what he actually said. Watch the full video and you will see he never said that. The media always quote some parts of his comments but not all of it. If you read it in its entirety you will see that he never meant or said that.

    I don't watch established liberal reporter or the mainstream media channels or take their words. They are biased and majority of the your so called real news is baised to the boot. Majority of them are registered democrats.

    And sorry but no one gives a damn about liberal outrages now days. Easily get offended you guys are.

    Have a nice day there, its 11 Am Here in saipan and im about to go take a shower and go to school. Have fun being offended today.
  • Lol, not what he's right there, yet you're denying it...puh lease, dig a hole and hide
  • Ina chok, sorry that just part of the comment not in its entirety. That's what the article or dan rather told you he said.Look up the full video and full transcript. Like the white house press Secretary said The President was misquoted. And like the President said the media is always misquoting him to fit their agenda.
  • I must have read the alternative facts, my bad...covfefe
  • So what did orange orangutan' mean?
  • The source of the story is none other then the center of fake news aka CNN. The leader of the anti trump media. Not the first time CNN misquoting trump, remember this one during the presidential debate and Trump called them out infront of the audience?

    I find this really funny, ina chok claims to be non partisan yet take the left or liberal side. Same thing with fake wanna be republican reds. Only people with nothing better to do get mad over a misquoting. No matter how outraged you 2 snowflakes are the wall is going up. Lol
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    Why Americans voted for Trump because he is unfiltered. He says what he thinks and do what he says. Here is video of Trump scolding the Democrat Mayor of San Juan to her face during a press conference and she didn't say a thing.
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    She was very vocal and very critical but during the meeting with the President she was quiet. After the meeting she ducked out and ran. Docile infront of the Predient but when the President left the island she became a lion all over again. I like the way he praised the other mayors and the Governor and ignored her and schooled her for playing politics. All through it she said not a word.
  • That was pure gold when he said that infront of her and she was mad but didn't leave the room. A few hours after Trump left Puerto rico she got on CNN and talk about offended she was. She spend more time in cnn then helping her people out.
  • Lol, pawnstar you never cease to amuse me when you call me a liberal. I just enjoy commenting against trumpf. Why? I really don't know why. But all that was said just so I can get you worked up.

    So Rastafarian, whoelse besides pawnstar do you share you password with? I just want to keep you posting until admin blocks you again.
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    And i thought I'm the one high here. Now im pawnstar, what strain you be smoking on my friend. The so called non partisan liberal.

    Its 5 PM here in Saipan and just got off school and guess whats trending, former liberal first lady Michelle obama think "lack of diversity" in politics is the reason why american don't trust politician's. And on another side note, liberal minority leader using dead of 59 people to push gun grapping bills.

    All the while the wall is going up.
  • Apparently the word liberal has been patented by pawnstar. Any updates on the wall and whats current in puerto rico?
  • Border wall update

    Puerto rico update
    The President asking Congress for $29 billion to help the states and territories affected by the hurricanes $16 billion of that 29 will go straight to helping the victims.
  • remind me who orange monkey said was paying for the wall?
  • Its still going up ain't it my friend reds.
  • Then you like lies from your monkey president? He should be in the NBA. He was good throwing paper towels like basketballs. Real smooth your president!
  • He said the wall will be build and guess what its being build. Stop being offended for no reason especially paper towels.
  • Who did orange monkey say was going to pay for it in his campaign promise? I hear crickets.
  • The important thing is the wall which Mr. Trump said would be build is being built. That's all that his voters wanted and now its being delivered. Democrats are busy over tweets and storms and gun laws while Mr. Trump is working on the background. Democrats said the wall will never come but here we see it coming.
  • No you're not getting away with that bs. The fact is he lied. Liar is the word for it you deaf, dumb and blind trumpkin.
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