Hot these days

Bad for everything.


  • This is a result of climate change. Since the US is facing flooding in Texas and storms heading to Florida, I hope Trump would reconsider pulling out of the Paris agreement. Studies have shown that although climate change does not create hurricanes, it strengthens them. I hope Trump out get his head out of his ass.
  • Not the Paris agreement..If you guys remember when Obama started to impose sanctions on Russia, hurricanes started devastating the southern US and same thing is happening now with Trump's Administration. Scalar technology in action...Who got most of Tesla's research notes after his death? Not the US government...
  • Dezi, so you're saying the Russians are causing the Hurricanes and flooding?
  • I am not saying the Russians are behind all the hurricanes and earthquakes. But do a research on HAARP and scalar technologies. After that do a logical analysis on who has the motive to cause these mayhems. By the way these are all myths ;)..
  • Dezi, since it sounds like you've done the research and analysis, please do share your findings.
  • Saka, careful down there in Houston with your eleemosynary work. Hurry back to family in Ft. Worth and be safe. Just be guided by our experience when the Xavier boys went into Sapuk in 1986 to help remove felled tress from homes. And just about every Morning Glory and Afternoon Work at Xavier.

    It has been super hot here in Pohnpei. August is supposed to be hot but man it seems different. We have been living in weather opposites. It goes from up 90s to low 70s (the latter for evenings when it rains). Rain of last week was so torrential that one person older than me said he's never see such such big rain drops. We are either imagining (not the temperature) or we are really destroying the world.
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