Destruction of Texas by Harvey

Saka, how are you and other Micronesians who are living in or around Texas coping with the terrible destruction that Harvey had brought to your state? If or when you find time away from your recovery efforts, please provide a short update for those of us who have friends and relatives living in Texas.


  • Evacuees who were sent to the various evacuation centers are mostly settled in with help from local NGOs, charity groups with support from local to national govt entities..finding temporary homes, schools, work, etc.

    Where i am in Ft.Hood/ Bell County...dinations have now rerouted to one staging and distribution is expected to open for a few more weeks. Volunteer groups from businesses, NGOs, Chuches are coordinated through National groups like Red Cross, United Way, Etc. The real clean up is starting now that water has receeded.

    Ill have a better look when im down there starting on 9/9 for a week.

    Website, contact info for aid services were forwarded to individuals connected to FSMers impacted by the Hurricane.

    Lets hope Irma diverts from Florida..

  • Thanks and sorry.
  • Great news yet not reported by the media. President Donald Trump has the donated $1 million he said he would. The media said it was a lie yet the man donated it and now its not being reported on the mainstream media.

    The organizations, and the respective amounts each will receive, are:

    Reach out America – $100,000
    Red Cross – $300,000
    Salvation Army – $300,000
    Samaritan’s Purse – $100,000
    ASPCA – $25,000
    Catholic Charities – $25,000
    Direct Relief – $25,000
    Habitat for Humanity – $25,000
    Houston Humane Society – $25,000
    Operation Blessing – $25,000
    Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies – $25,000
    Team Rubicon – $25,000
  • Whats your point Rasta?
  • My point is he delivered what he said he would. Now the media is not giving him is dues. Lets not forget how he handled the hurricane crises one after another was superp. The media was all hoping he flops and when he stepped up and handled it they don't give him his dues. Not putting his names on stories on how good the government handled yet quick to put his name on negative stories.
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