• Have fun paying for it because your orangutan lied to you. Make America ashamed again
  • Its being built already. And it will start in illegal invested California. All those 5 million illegal votes the democrats got will all go down. MAGA
  • Fuck this have people hurting, dying, needing help now in Texas.
  • This wall will help you brother Saka, it will help keep drugs out of your community and this will help control cartel murders in Texas. You hate it now but your kids will benefit from it.
  • at this time this region has other problems to think about and usually a wall is never a good thing!
  • Thats like saying protecting your home is not a good thing. America is our home and building a wall is essential for protecting our home.
  • 5,000,000 made up fake alternative facts. 5million is an incredibly large, bigly number of people to fool the system. Just a made up number pulled out of the ass. That's about 100,000 per state. In that case there should be a recall and another election had. But I trust the system and Hillary won the popular vote, End of alternative facts.
  • There are 11,555,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. and harvard university study showed that 5 million had voted. Harvard is the university which obama graduated from.

    12 states in the US allow illegals to have driver licence. Its not easy to forge citizenship papers.

    Video-Illegal immigrant caught voting 8 times. How? Forged papers.
    Click image to play

  • I think its necessary to built it. There are some part of the US mexican border where there is nothing to stop illegals from crossing. If you want to work and live in the US do it the legal way. Second is that some of these areas with no fences the drug pushers bring in drugs to the US. And third is in texas some the cartel violence have spilled over to the U.S side. Liberals in general oppose it not for real good reasons but because their leaders in their democrat party opposes it. Its political to liberals no real reason to oppose it.
  • Why is Walmart building all those stores on the border?
  • You can't not build stores on border. Haha
  • That's just a stupid statement. Cannot not? Wtf are you trying to say? Ask the person next to you to help you with your word structure. So you can build Walmarts along the borders? Stupid strikes again.
  • This guy is losing it what walmart are you talking about.
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