Muslims in PNI

Why do they have to advertise so much on you tube they are coming to Pohnpei? Every time I watch something on youtube their ad pops up.
I think we are just happy the way we are.


  • According to my theology professor islam means surrender or submit.
  • I used to only see the car advertisements you can click away, but I've been getting these on my various youtubes as well. A part of me would like to spend an hour or two attending their function, as I'm curious about their missionary work. I'd wonder, for instance, to what degree the Islamic community could help Pohnpei schools.

    That said though, for all the build-up of having coffee and cake it would be upsetting if it turns out it's Nescafe Instant. I'm hoping for Folgers, UCC, or Khao at the very least.
  • We have enough religions in Pohnpei. What we need are tourists.
  • Noname I totally agree with you. Enough religions in all of FSM, many times they cause serious conflict within the family, to the point of being banished.
    FSM should have directed serious government investment into the tourism industry many years ago. It brings in outside money, gives steady jobs, and supports local fishermans and farmers. Not to mention tax revenue. Look at the success of Fiji & Bali. And their diving is not close to FSM reefs.
  • If you do not want to be part of it because there are enough religions, then just don't go to South Park on September 15. I plan to go if I have time. Free cake and coffee. I mind be tolerant if I listen to this kind voice I keep hearing on Youtube.

    Y'all believe in freedom of speech but not religion? They both have the same source.
  • Ironically islam does not recognize free speech or freedom of religion.
  • Even the phone number for cliffrainbow was wrong. The area code was 370 which is the area code for korsae. Telephone number was 2221 which is police statio... are they trying to fool people...
  • It's called targeted marketing. The arriving entity is obviously targeting their marketing to computer users based within their target territory. Every time you create a social profile, or enter your information into any Google driven engine the stats all get added to algorithm's that enter you into target groups for marketing campaigns by advertisers.
  • @rastaman
    the root word of Islam is from the Arabic root word which means peace.
  • @rastaman
    True Islam teaches that every human being has the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion without the threat of coercion or punishment. This understanding stems directly from the Holy Quran, which clearly declares, “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:257).

    Therefore, True Islam wholeheartedly supports the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—both of which, like True Islam, guarantee freedom of conscience, religion, and speech.

    True Islam condemn any worldly punishment levied upon an apostate or a blasphemer because it recognizes that only God can judge any act of apostasy or blasphemy. Therefore, True Islam advocates freedom of conscience, religion, and speech as a fundamental tenet of Islam.
  • @soudolohr
    No conspiracy my friend. The number we shared is 370-2222 because that is our main Mission office number in Kosrae where we are currently residing. We shared our direct line so that anyone who wishes can contact us directly if they have any questions.
  • @RichardAndrewClark
    we had the good stuff, cake and pastries from Grace and some folgers coffee, but more importantly we had an amazing discussion with more than 60 people who joined the program on Sept 15th. Hope to see you at our next event! to keep posted
  • So much peace around the world from religion of peace.
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