it has begun: BLM and Antifa attacks Police in Boston "Free Speech" Rally

50 people showed up to protest the shutting down of free speech in boston everything was peaceful. Until Antifa and BLM
showed up again. The "Free Speech" rally was given the green light by the mayor of Boston. This rally was for bringing awareness to the first amendment being shut down. BlM and Antifa showed and started circling the 50 free speech folk and started attacking them. Boston police step in to protect the 50 people from getting mobbed and BLM and Antifa turns around and attack the police. Just like in Charlottesville where people were using their right to free speech antifa showed up and attacked them like it did in Charlottesville. Liberalism is such a wonderful ideology.


  • Whenever these democrats originated groups like antifa or blm arrive on scene violence always erupts like we all saw in Charlottesville and today and Boston. These groups claim they are anti fascist but they use tactics Hitler's fascist nazi used. If and when fascist arrives in the US it will arrives in the guise of liberalism. Its happening already. Using violence to shut others down.

    Here is what CNN had to say in defence of Antifa.

    CNN:Antifa leaders admit they're willing to physically attack anyone who employs violence against them or who condones racism -- as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred.

    CNN: Many of those arrested identified themselves as part of the Antifa movement. Its name derives from "anti-fascist," and it has come to represent what experts who track these organizations call the "hard left" -- an ideology that runs afield of the Democratic Party platform and supports oppressed populations as it protests the amassing of wealth by corporations and elites.
  • Sooner or later the right is going to react. As of right now the right is not using violence to counter Antifa. The media is saying the alt rights are the violent ones but over dozen rallies have ended in violence because of antifa. You can only taken so much before you have had enough and say fuck it! Democrats are not condemning their own from violence while republicans are. That republican senator who was shot a 2 months ago by a liberal wasn't called terrorist by the democrats. It will take only a small fire to light it all up. But thank god the right is not playing fire with fire.
  • The right is not using violence to counter anifa? How stupid are you? They used a vehicle to murder and injure people just a week ago! Don't you own a tv? Protesters should have the right to march? I agree 100% even if their cause is misguided, glorifying hatred and racist in nature. "React" is what happens when your fellow neighbors thinks Hitler's cause was great. Hitler's murderius regime was justified? These alt right ass clowns don't even realize their fore fathers fought this evil and risk their lives because they knew it was wrong. Unfortunately the under educated and "not" real Americans would only join this bunch and especially those who think it's ok and justified. Hitler's smiling in his grave for these retarded white " make America Hate Again nut bags which includes orangutan.
  • Pawnstar are you a white nationalist? Why do you support them in this discussion?
  • They used a vehicle to murder and injure people just a week ago! Don't you own a tv? 

    I'm not making any excuses for the guy, he is a murderer. But here is something in want to ask you redsnapper, why? Why did he resorted to using his vehicle? I'll tell you why is because when your back is against the wall the only way out is through those who are blocking your way and are attacking you.

    The rally was peaceful until she showed up antifa and started using violence to attack the people in the legally sanctioned rally.
  • Pawnstar are you a white nationalist? Why do you support them in this discussion?
    By @Anunaki

    No I'm not. Because the constitution says they have rights too. I'm not supporting them I'm supporting the constitution. I'm not in agreement with them but the constitution is. I support the constitution.

    Its the foundation of democracy!

  • So you think the murder was justified on the grounds his back was to the wall? What wall, trumps wall? The Great Wall of china, wall mart? He had a choice to protest or not. He decided advancing the nazi movement was worth slaughtering people. Free speech and the constitution had nothing to do with pure evil hatred and bigotry. The constitution doesn't say it's ok to murder if your feel your back is to the wall. You come across as somewhat intelligent in the ideas but show your ignorance of what's beneath the obvious. Porn star for 8 years no one had to explain Obama because he talked intelligently and it's easy to understand. Orangutan talks like a brat and a 4th grader. So every day, someone has to keep explaining what the president meant. It's really exhausting trying to understand the president through others because he can't speak clearly and is always vague.
  • I won't be surprised if he will plead not guilty by reason of the antifa blocking his way to get out. Saw the videos and from the looks of all of them the antifa were blocking cars from entering or leaving and were throwing objects at the cars.

    Here are videos of antifa from many angles blocking road and throwing things at the cars.
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