NOKOs leader backed down on his threat to attack guam

After getting reports of american naval ships steaming into the western Pacific along with the All Options are on the table for NOKO its leader had a epiphany and nokos state controlled media released the following statement: " North Korea's military won't strike Guam, a U.S. island territory of 160,000 people in the western Pacific Ocean that hosts American military bases".

I too would be taking a double take if i saw American ships and military on high alert and being led by a man who isn't afraid to use force. Common sense finally opened NOKOS eyes that here finally is a American leader with steel for spine and brass for balls.


  • This is how you handle noko. Peace through strength.
  • Tell me something I don't know
  • Trump is the POTUS. That's something you ought to know.
  • Porn star wait until Mueller reports it. I'm sure the investigation is almost done. I heard it lead him to many places including the zoo to talk to orangutan's relatives. Think about it, why would orangutan be mad his AG recused himself if he's done nothing wrong? Why would he publicly shame and attack and call his own AG weak? If butt lips is so innocent, why not just let it take its course? Year is almost over, Republican Party is taking sides with itself and playing into hands of democrats. Makes pissed this fuck face isn't uniting his own party. He isn't showing leadership skills he promised.
  • No evidence just repeating what the fake news are saying. I already know Mueller wont find anything. FBI & CIA have found no evidence yet CNN already did. Hahaha

  • You wonder why all of a sudden the media stopped covering the Muellers investigations? Wonder why all of a sudden all the anonymous sources about russian collusion are all quiet? The media is already covering its tracks and edging its bets already. The media already believe that the investigations wont go the way it wanted.
  • So you personally know the results of the investigation already? You must be psychic. It's ok, orangutan's orange. So all things are possible.
  • Orangutan has threatened government shutdown if wall funding is not included in next debt increase legislation.. I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall? Looks like the American tax payer will take it in the ass for this lying sack of orangutan's feces. So another full of shit promise. Porn star should volunteer to go down and help build the wall. Bravo porn star. Your hero is now an expert moon walker.
  • How i know the result is simple because the FBI and CIA have already confirmed that there's no link of evidence connecting Trump to Russian conspiracy. Both FBI and CIA acknowledged that Russia tried to interfere in the elections but without Trump help. Both also acknowledged that the only way Russia tried interfering was through the DNC leaked files that wikileaks leaked into the internet. Thats how i know already the conclusions, the media already have up come with the same thing i did. Thats why all the Russian stories on T.V all of a sudden are all gone.

    As for the wall here are some updates....

    Rival prototypes for Donald Trump’s wall on the US-Mexico border should be built by September, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency said on Tuesday.

    A bidding process for contractors to design and construct prototypes at the south-west border in San Diego, California, the first step towards the multibillion-dollar project, is currently under way.

    “Our planning gets us to construction for the prototype process at the end of summer,” Ron Vitiello, acting deputy commissioner of CBP, told reporters on Tuesday. “There’s a contracting process that has to go on so we’re evaluating proposals now. We have to make decisions against that and then we’ll have to see what the planning allows for. We think it’s summer but I can’t be more exact than that ... I think that gives us until September.”

    100 companines have submitted plans to build the wall only 7-8 met the requirements. Congress has already approved of a down payment for the wall. It will be a beautiful wall.
  • So you agree the Russians did interfere in the elections on trumps behalf, but orangutan's won't admit it. So the American tax payers, not Mexico will pay for the wall. Sounds like a straight up lie by your hero. But we all knew he would lie about everything and be a hypocrite on the whole Obama taking too much vacation things. Now we all confirmed his nazi leanings by initially not denouncing it, then reading a hostage note denouncing it, then not denouncing it again, then telling military it's not right then pardoning the biggest nazi in Arizona. Your monkey is some thing special. And his dumbass followers can't even see it. It's unbelievable, he's like Jesus to you. Except the sinning kind
  • Tried to interfere. Obama had a chance to do anything but he didn't because he thought Hillary would won. The only interference Russia had was with hacking the DNC and giving those files to wikileaks. Lets not forget Obama's FBI director James Comey helped too by announcing to the media the FBI was investigating Hillary 2 months prior to the elections. Hahaha

    Here is some update for you....
    President Trump Confronted Vladimir Putin About Election Meddling
    Associated Press
    Jul 07, 2017
    (HAMBURG, Germany) — President Donald Trump opened his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday by raising U.S. concerns about Moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. He said Putin denied being involved.
  • fake news the only confronting orangutan's did was suck Putin. Because he has your ape with prostitutes photos.
  • Hahaha everything you have said i have proven to be false. All you have is insults. Sad but i feel like im talking to a teenage girl who is having her periods. Thats why you mad all the time. Hahaha
  • Can't take it, don't dish it out
  • Its if you can't debate in a civil manner then chill out. I get it you are sad hillary lost but my friend there is always 2020. *_*
  • I'm not a big fan of Hillary at all. But I do like the president to be a man of good morals and the best example of true statesmanship and thinks before opening his mouth. Respect has to be earned. Respect of all and the constitution.
  • Trump is getting results dude. Its better to be feared then be loved. Now after 40 years nato members are paying their equal shares to natos defense budget because Trump said if they weren't the U.S will not. The first person in History to fly from Saudi Arabia to Israel. Never been done before. The only man since FDR to get the King of Saudi Arabia to wait for his arrival. The only President in History to get north korea to backtrack on attacking Guam. The only president to get china to agree to a sanction on North Korea. The last president was once in a gay relationship with his professor, snorted cocaine, smoke weed. Some morals you say. Trump does not do drugs, smoke or drink beer, thats a man who knows his morals.

    Explosive new biography reveals Barack Obama partied on cocaine, had ‘passionate’ student romps and even considered gay relationship with uni professor
  • Fake news. Your prolific fake news is admirable porno star.its mostly missing just a touch of the truth or adjustment to actual historical facts. But then again alternative facts is your preference.
  • @redsnapper, i know it hurts but Obama was once a backdoor bandit.

    A new biography has claimed that Barack Obama ‘considered’ a same-sex relationship.

    The new book comes from David Garrow, a historian and author who previously won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Pinknews is a news site for the LGBT community. Lol
  • This Photo was taken in 2015 and liberals are spreading it all over social media and news saying its obama feeding people in Texas. Photo was taken in


  • What a cool president
  • ....also a failure.
  • (CNN) "A picture purporting to show former President Barack Obama helping serve meals in Houston, Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey was shared thousands of times on Twitter this weekend. The photograph, however, is two years old and was taken at a homeless shelter in Washington during Thanksgiving...."

  • Cool president over orange orangutan any day of the year. Make America speak like a 4 th grader again
  • Thats right at @sinbad, its a fake.

    @redsnapper, cool yet weak. Worst President ever. Only will be remembered for being black.

    Trump uncool yet a strong leader. Will be remembered years from now has one the all time greats.
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