Pohnpei Supreme Court CJ Rodriguez Resigns Prior to Impeachment Tribunal

I hear that the Pohnpei State Legislature voted unanimously in favor of the impeachment resolution going forward that would have create a tribunal for impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Ben Rodriguez. However, before that could take place, CJ Rodriguez voluntarily resigned citing his resignation will save Pohnpei state the expense of an impeachment.

CJ Rodriguez, as I heard is facing multiple felony charges and will be tried in a criminal court not a civil one since he has already resigned.

Justice Nelson Joseph is acting CJ.

Anyone with more reliable information, please share.


  • Wrote you a message, Juliet. The impeachment resolution and the "press release" regarding resignation is on front page of KPress this week. The PDF versions have gone out to subscribers by email but United has once again failed to bring the hard copy to Pohnpei. The should arrive tomorrow.
  • It's no secret that the "press release" and Rodriguez's letter for reason of resignation was authored by one of the trio of his legal team. A rather hopeless mix of 3rd rate lawyers if you ask me.

    Speaking of legal team, they tried to plea bargain the felony charges down to misdemeanors. Ridiculous as it sounds, they really did. No judge, lawyer or officer of the court has any power to change a felony crime to a misdemeanor. Only through an amendment to the law that set a criminal act as a felony can a change from felony to misdemeanor be made. I wonder if they are drafting a bill for Pohnpei State Legislature to amend the particular laws that Rodriguez allegedly violated so they can be misdemeanors?
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