Why has this forum become international first then Micronesian news related


  • Too many stupid people posting these days. They have driven out those that visit here to read and add to Micro matters (clearly Micro and presently concerning Micro topics). Yes, some U.S. mattes are relevant but it has become too much of it. Factsmatter and PawnStar really need to create a new forum for them. I promise to visit to comment.
  • Freedom of speach mofukkers!
  • And the stupidest one speaketh.

    Get your own forum. You do not realize that everyone ignores 99.99% of what you post? You are screaming and it is just noisy. No one is listening to you. Makes you the village idiot.
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    Pawnstar: your freedom of speech ends when it disempowers others from speaking. You're hurting Micronesia's already limited 4th Estate with your aggressive and overbearing behavior.
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    Because the rest of us have lives and don't spend all day being a keyboard warrior image
  • Richard, go find ameilas lost plane. You have the option of tuning in or tuning out of those discussions. No one is forcing you to click them buddy. Im educating my fellow micros on the disease that is liberalism and the fake stories put out by the mainstream media. You suffer from acute liberalism disease and you sip from the cup that is the mainstream media. Your opinion impaired & baised and therefore null and void.

    Freedom of speech ends when you ADVOCATE violence. I have did none of that sort. Therefore i shall keep on MAGA ing this forum.
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